Friday, November 11, 2011

Morning Has Broken

First, thank you and God bless all our Veterans and soldiers on this day! Veteran's Day has become even more dear to me since the Airman joined up. Thank you all for your service and sacrifice!

This morning the sky is a shell pink with rolling balls of clouds skirting it, giving it a sort of "oops! I put something red in the laundry" look. The wind is gusting, not blowing, shaking the trees, rattling them, as if to clear the last of the fall from them as they dress for coming winter. It is truly a late fall morning --- 22-degrees and frosty.

Most people complain about this time of year when the cold is coming and mornings challenge one to leave the snuggled hole in their sheets and blankets for the briskness of the waking house. I love it. Even though I have to wear a sweatshirt over my jammies and wool socks on my feet, I love it. There is something crisp about the morning that gives the day promise. We are, thankfully, back to the time that works for me -- no more daylight savings time.... which I don't ever understand because daylight can't be saved.

When the Mister goes to toss the morning hay, the gals are already awake, watching for his head to come over the small hill. The chickens are singing their morning song. Moose and Anabel dance and tease like puppies; they are both winter dogs and languish in summer's heat. Wookie, who has spent the night stretched across my legs, tumbles from the bed, fusses, eats, and rushes back to reconquer the now empty bed in hopes that I will leave it unmade so that he might snuggle down once more in his little nest.

We have had two skiffs of snow. Neither has warranted the celebratory "Snowman"movie and hot chocolate we have to mark the First Snow of the Season. But, it is coming. I have chocolate, our snowman mugs, and the movie waiting. Maybe by Thanksgiving we will have our little party. Have you seen this dear movie? It is based on the book by the same name by Raymond Briggs. We adore it. Before you tumble out through your day, enjoy this clip:

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  1. I sure enjoyed that movie clip of Snowman. I'll be looking for it. Loved the music.

    Now it's interesting... you mention loving the crisp morning air. For me, I love it outside, but never really 'warmed' to crisp inside, especially if I had to reach for sweater and socks. But you give me cause to pause... why the different attitude -- just because one is inside and the other out?

    Enjoy your day..............


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