Thursday, November 17, 2011

Give me an F!

Student: Why did you give me an F in the course?

Me: You didn't do much work. This is what you earned.

Student: What do you mean I didn't do the work? I did!

Me: We had 12 tests, 32 writing assignments, 1 formal report, and a presentation. You took three tests and did five writing assignments. Doesn't it make sense that this grade should be an F?

Student: Well, a body shouldn't have to do all the work to get a C.

Me... banging my head on the desk. I should have been a bus driver....


  1. Oh boy, Matty! Looks like another fun year for you. I think you need to start wearing your motorcycle helmet to school for all the banging your head on the desk that you do!

  2. You mean to say Matty that you don't give "Participation C's" to all who register for your classes. Isn't that what these kids have come to expect????

    Good Luck with your year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. OMGOSH!!! I seriously dont know how you have the patience!

  4. One has to laugh, ya'll! After all, it is so funny one has to! LOL Some folks think keeping a pulse is reason enough for an A! You just wouldn't believe how brazen some can be! Give me goats anytday! They are what they are!

  5. New heights of laziness! Don't ya get a B for just being you? Really?

    (As a fellow teacher, I'm pulling my hair out, right now!) ~grin~

    Also, the "patience" issue...we don't have patience, anymore than the next's "paycheck" we keep chanting!
    We do have really well developed senses of humor...thank God!
    Hugs, my friend!

  6. Just think, you'll never run out of blogging fodder this way! I think that's worth a B at least, don't you think?

  7. Hi Matty, wow, the student's comments was so ignorant it hurts! It amazes me when I read these comments how the students were able to make it this far with those kinds of reasoning and problem solving skills. It must take a lot of courage and caring for a teacher to give an "f" these days. I agree with Brenda, just think of the story this will all make one day! Hang in there! Delisa :)

  8. I bow down to you girl. With my students, I can treaten to not feed them ;-)
    xox Clarice


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