Sunday, November 13, 2011

First Day Musings -- Life on the Farm

We had good friends drop in yesterday to admire our woodstove while they consider if they want one or not for their place. Of course, we are sold on it, even though there is that whole having to cut wood all summer thing. It is affordable, warm, and, most of all, heats the whole house --- which is a novel experience as we couldn't before.

They wandered the property, watching as I took the girls to graze across the road for a bit, fed the hens, and then the goats. And they followed the Mister as he fed the bucks and put out hay. They repeatedly said, "We could never do what you do" as they watched us. I just laughed.

Most days on the farm, I love it. And then there are the days when the goats won't mind, the bucks beat me half to death, the dogs drag in deer parts, and the rain or cold makes it nearly impossible to get out. Or there are the days when I just don't want to do this; I just want to live in a condo somewhere and someone else does the yard work. In short, I am run down at the heels dead dog tired.

When the Airman was a wee Airman and it was just the two of us, this is the life I dreamt of and wanted. Now that I have it, I am sad that I am more than half through my life and on the downhill side at that. Yet, I can see that living here, doing what I do, will keep me younger and healthier than if I were in that condo. I would perish there.

Jane has the most marvelous post about how we all find what we love even when no one else shares that love. I guess that is how I feel about here. My dear friend Darlene made the comment that this house would do until she could find something better, I have to remind myself that her idea of better is a modular home in town. It is warm, safe, comfortable, but it would not suit me anymore than living here would suit her.

So, for all its quirks, there really is no place like home. Even if the chickens are on the porch and the goats eat my roses. It is home. What do you love most about your home?


  1. I think I would love your life, Matty. I wish I had more land for goats and woodland to heat my home. I always laugh when people say I'm lucky to have such a big garden and a well stocked pantry. Luck at nothing to do with it. There's been days too, when I've been so dog tired from gardening, weeding and canning that I start to think living in a high rise wouldn't be a bad idea, but then I remember how very nice it is to go outside and listen to the geese flying overhead and feel the cool breeze off the lake in the heat of summer and I know there is no place else on Earth I'd rather be.

  2. Well first let me say, I could never do what you do ;-)
    I know because my best friend has sheep!! You know even when we love our life, we have days were we want a vacation from it. That is life. Would it be fun, if each day you could pick how our day would go? Today I would be in a little cottage on the stormy coast of Scotland xox Clarice

  3. Hi Matty, I do not have a farm, but I do know just what you mean about dreaming a dream of country life. I never in a million years ever thought that dream would come true, especially when I was living in Los Angeles. Now I am in a town so small it isn't even an "official" town, and if you past the Shell station and the post office, you know you have missed it and had better turn around. :)

    My home is on five acres and my neighbors next door have beautiful horses I get to watch and play with everyday. I had exactly 4 trees in my yard in California and thought myself very fortunate. Now I have 32 just in the front of my property alone! I had such plans when we moved here, I was going to garden, maybe even farm, perhaps raise alpacas! We were going to build a gazebo and a huge green house and have chickens ect...And then a few months after settling in, I broke my back and then developed a serious illness. It brought many of my plans to an abrupt halt. It is discouraging sometimes and frustrating and I too wish that I could have had this all when I was younger and stronger. But then I remember to be grateful! There is still so much to enjoy and new things to discover every day. How I love this quiet place at this time of my life, the blessed trees and the deers that come and drink from our pond each night. The red cardinal birds, the blue birds and the little fruit bats that flutter past my head when I walk out into the meadow in the dark. This is a good place to slow down in, a good place to learn how to cherish new dreams. I hope you have a good nights rest and a lovely day tomorrow! Delisa :)

  4. I would have enjoyed your life when I had more energy and strength. I still live in the country but my only livestock is a Maine Coon. :)

    I think it is the cozy smallness I actually enjoy about my house now but it has been a journey to get there.

    When we had to sell our dream home in 2000, there was a time of grieving. I have many happy memories there. But this house was a miracle and a gift from God and I'm finding myself enjoying it very much.

    I remember the first time my sister, Jean, came to this house and I had it all fixed up so cute. She just looked around and said she was so sad I ended up at this house considering what I had before.

    The fact I was quite indignant over her reaction showed me how I had come to love this place, which is perfect for hubby and I at this stage of life.


Thanks for dropping in on the farm today! I enjoy your comments!