Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where is Spring?

It is 47-degrees this morning. Wait. Yesterday it was 29-degrees at 6 a.m.

Where is spring?

My winter coat is packed up. My sweats are up in the attic. Oh, did I mention that my ice scraper had been stowed, too?? Yeppers. Needed 'em all.

Only one bit of joy in all this.

We have only planted potatoes. Thank goodness. Many of my friends have lost their entire garden in this late freeze.

Procrastinators everywhere, rejoice! We finally won one!


  1. I'm finding it so interesting to see just how similar our weather is. I would never have thought that about North Carolina and Minnesota. We've been digging into the sweatshirts here, too. Even had a few snow flakes the other day.

    I'm asking too, Where is Spring????

    ps - I'm working on quilts today. I need to get my 5 for May in the mail soon. Good thing I committed to 5/month - it keeps me on task.

    ps2(?) - Hope you're able to find Tozer books at your library. Ours doesn't have any. I'm afraid Amazon has had to supply mine. But I am building a nice Tozer Library! (-:

  2. We had snow yesterday. This year is a repeat of last year so far. Maybe it's the new normal?


  3. Our meteorologist had said weeks ago he thought we were past the last frost for the year. That is FOUR nights that I've now had to cover the plants and garden. Thankfully, we didn't have any freeze and everything looks fine (so far).

    We've been cool and rainy so I've reverted back to some cold weather recipes (like soup). Tomorrow we're to get hot weather and then drop back to cold.

    No wonder my head hurts. :)

  4. Hey Miss Matty Happpy birthday, I hope it was blessed xoxoxo Clarice


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