Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

I was born on Mother's Day and was the first born, so I always tell my Mother, "Happy Mother's Day from the one who made you a Mom on your day!" And we laugh about how she was "lucky" enough to have me on Mother's Day and then my brother on Father's Day the very next year. My sister, we joke, was an accident because she wasn't born on any special day. When Sissie was small, she'd cry, but now she just replies that her being born on that day made it a special day. Touche'.

Another lovely tradition I have is giving Mother a present on my birthday. Every few years, it is double duty, Mother's Day and my birthday, so she really racks up!

Today, we are cooking her dinner and I have bought flowers to replenish the large, wrought iron planter I gave her last year. We will plant them together, talking and laughing the entire time.

And, the most wonderful gift this year is a full leg of lamb. I know. It sounds odd. But Mother loves loves loves lamb, but she won't pay the price for it. She usually cooks it for Easter, but after the unfortunate observation by her English professor daughter (that would be me) that we were having a symbolic meal, she won't prepare it any more. However, this year, she has been jonesing for it. The vendor next to me at the farmer's market yesterday had this lovely leg of lamb, pasture raised, so into the cooler it went and off to Mother's it goes.

Let me add here: I think this will confirm me as "favorite daughter" for the time being!

What will you do for your Mom today?


  1. Happy Birthday Matty! I'm spending the day driving to the airport. Isn't that special?


  2. What a great day to have a birthday and be a mother! Happy Mother's Day Matty:-)


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