Friday, May 14, 2010

What a Great Day!

My lovely birthday started with picking strawberries with Mother and Don. We had four gallons in less than 45 minutes because the fields were so abundant and clean! Such fun! (How many people do you know LIKE to pick berries -- especially on their birthday?)

We enjoyed carrot cake and coffee with my parents and then took off for the Chick-fil-a Grand Opening i n Wilkesboro. I wore my "Chick-fil-a" shirt although the rest of me was somewhat muddy from the berry field.

As we walked in, one of the managers greeted us, "Welcome to Chick-fil-a!" and I jokingly replied, "Thank you so much for opening for my birthday! What a great present!"

He got the last word (believe me, this is rare) when he turned to the staff and announced, "It's Matty's birthday!" and everyone started singing. Soon, the entire restaurant was singing loud and clear while I directed and grinned. I gave my "Queen Elizabeth" wave, laughed as hard as I have ever laughed, and enjoyed a wonderful complementary meal along with birthday cake (shared with a lovely man from the corporate office who shared my birthday -- although a decade younger!). I can die happy now!

The afternoon ended with our going to retrieve "Loom Roanoke" (which is now going to be dubbed "Evelyn" after my friend from whom I bought it) and bring her home. Right now she fills the living room floor while I finish weaving a towel off her. Once the towel is done, I will take the loom apart and move her to the upstairs landing where the previous owner had her barn loom. There is something so magical about having the loom where Ms. Bessie had hers.

After such a fun day, who can face the boring stuff of today?? Dump runs (yes, runs), repair shop for the mower AND the tiller, getting ready for the farmer's market tomorrow, and all the usual things that go into keeping Lazy Bee Farm.

I do think I will wear my Chick-fil-a paper hat while I do my work. What do you think??

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