Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Bushed!

It is 12:45 and I am worn out.
This is Friday morning at Lazy Bee Farm.

5:30: Wake up, remember I don't have to go to work, roll over, back to sleep.
5:45: Someone else has to go to work (Don), I get up and make sourdough pancakes that I started last night.

This is the last time I checked the clock until now.
This is what else has been done today, thus far:
Made one loaf sourdough and one loaf lemon twist bread.

Washed two loads of clothes, hung on line.

Checked goats, chickens, ducks, turkey, and chicks.

Answered emails.

Chased bucks back into fence.
Swept kitchen.
Washed dishes.

Made soap.
Chased bucks back into fence.

Washed dishes.

Made baby bee food.
They are making foundation and are eating 40-50 pounds of syrup PER DAY right now.

Washed dishes. (There is only me at home. Where are they coming from??)
Cleared, dusted, rearranged one bookshelf.

Rushed to town to make a deposit, mail checks;
see optometrist and drop off unused cell phones to women's shelter.

Sorted recycleables after washing recycling bins.
Emptied household trash. Trash is only visible to those with an X chromosone, btw.

Chased bucks back into fence. (Where are they escaping??)
Cleaned refrigerator.

Prepared eggs for farmer's market.

Answered and made phone calls.

Made reservations to see a play in June.

Chased bucks back into fence. (I cannot find the blasted hole!)

Folded laundry.
Fixed lunch.

Okay. So tell me. How do I find time to hold a job?

Oops! There go the bucks again!


  1. You made my head spin!
    You are one busy gal. Golly, and this is how you are going to spend summer break??

    Goats have a knack for finding the teeniest hole...and fitting through it like water!
    Been there, done that..although not quite as often as you have today!

  2. I agree with Mrs. Bee... your morning's events made my head spin.

    Your homemade bread looks yummy. Hopefully those bucks will take a break (oops, I guess they have been) and let you have time for lunch. I can imagine butter slathered on the crust of one of those loaves.

    Which reminds me, my mom tells the story of when she and her brother were kids, he liked the crust so much that he'd cut the crust of both ends of the loaf. His mother was NOT impressed, I guess!

    It's doing a drizzly rain here today... almost misty. Perfect, as we've needed more. The birds are busy in our neighbourhood and the feeders in the backyard host all manner of feathered friends.

    Best be off.... happy weekend!

  3. My goodness woman, I am bushed just reading your list. Thank you for taking time for me today xoxo Clarice

  4. Makes me tired to just read this! I thought I had a lot of have me beat by a mile!



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