Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Day Musings -- Today's Four Lessons

Today nearly got past me!

Hollie and Copper escaped early last week so they could join the herd across the road. There are many things wrong with this, but the most important is that they are not home where they belong. We have tried in vain to catch them all week -- even enduring a soaking rain in stiff wind one afternoon. Terrible.

So this morning, Don looked out and there they were, in the bottom field, without all the other cows. Very long story short, we caught Hollie and got her home (even having to cut the fence to get her through it) and Copper, being a Momma's boy, came shortly after.

After breakfast, I attended this dear little church near here. I am Quaker and there are no Baltimore group meetings in our region. The nearest is more than an hour and I can't justify that because, well, it goes against a whole lot of things I believe in -- especially treading gently on the earth. So, I have met by myself for a long time. I have tried visiting other churches, but, frankly, I don't like being yelled at. I want to listen to God and have some nudging by another like-minded soul which will help me grow in my faith.

So, I decided to try this little church near here. The congregation is tiny (21 this morning, including the pastor), but their service is sincere and thought-provoking. I left feeling closer to my Creator than I have in a long time. It was a time to really stop and consider how my life is lived.

After I got home, we were eating lunch when Daddy called to announce my Uncle had a bee swarm. We loaded up and flew to his house where Don bravely mounted the ladder, cut the tree limbs, gingerly dismounted the ladder, and flipped the bees into the waiting hive. They were nearly all in the hive within 15-minutes of his capturing them. We will pick up the hive tomorrow evening about dusk, so that we can be sure all the 'strays' are safely housed.

The rest of the evening has been pretty normal -- visit my parents, see two sets of my dearest Aunties and Uncles, feed the goats, chickens, and cows, fix our dinner, clean up the kitchen, feed the bees, and now, sit down before going to bed. As Grandmother said, "I am resting before I go to bed."

Today has reminded me of four lessons that are important to hold onto, at least for me.

Never give up. Just as catching the cows was a longer than expected challenge, we stuck with it and got 'em home -- even if we did have to slog through the creek three times. We did, finally, accomplish our goal.

Visit God at His house. There is something about that sacred place that makes His love and guidance tangible. Besides, He is always coming to yours; repay the kindness.

Appreciate what you ask for. Every year I ask God for bee swarms. We want to go into pollination, but hives are not cheap. Just the bees are $75-85 per hive. Add the woodenware and you have quite an expense. Swarms are a very cost effective means to grow our "herd." Although we had to drive an hour, we are grateful for the bees and the opportunity to visit with two sets of favorite Aunties and Uncles as well as my parents.

Rejoice in little things. Sitting down feels good tonight. I have done my best all day. Grandmother Arrington would say, "I am glad I can work" when she was 85. Now, I understand. There is something powerful in being able to use your body to serve. Be it human or critter, all appreciate what another does for them.

Did you learn anything today??


  1. Thanks for sharing your day, Matty - and your lessons! They were very meaningful.

    I especially connected with the visiting of the small church as I have struggled with that for the past year as a "church nomad". Just this past week we put in motion the steps needed to join a small church near us. I, too, want to visit God in His house. I am feeling good about our decision.

    Have a great day, Matty!

  2. Loved your 4 lessons! You're amazing!


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