Friday, September 11, 2009

Isn't this cunning?

Today we had to run to Miller Bee Supply to pick up a few things to get ready to spin honey. I adore going to visit Beverly and Presley. They are such interesting people and make you feel so very at home! The saddest thing to me is that we live more than an hour and several mountains apart. Beverly and I always plan to "meet for lunch" but with their growing business and Don and I working, there just doesn't ever seem to be time. Isn't that how life is?

Anyhow, whilst there, I spotted the most adorable bee items! Beverly's Pennsylvania niece is creating these wonderful pieces in her spare time. Now, bear in mind this little lady works a demanding job, but still has time to create the most precious goodies. This is called a "light's out jar." Can you guess why?

If you lift the top, which will fit either a taper on one side or a tea light on the other, you can store candles and matches for those times when "the lights go out!" Isn't that just too dear? I was so smitten that I just had to have one. So, dear Don antied up and got me this little treasure. Beverly also had canisters which resembled a bee hive with charming gardens and beeskep (of course!) detailed on the lids. Hive bird houses, tea light holders, and the most adorable ceramic flowers with bees lit on them filled out the collection. I wish I could have had every one of them!

A few nights ago, when Don went to feed the bucks, he came back with a little charmer. What do you think? It is a mushroom! Although I created my very first, and so far only, shitake log this spring, I think if I found this growing on it, I wouldn't eat it. Would you?? By the next morning, the 'shroom was gone, but I have to wonder... I believe in fairy rings. What kind of "fairy" do you think made this? All I can think of is Johnny Depp or Shakespeare's witches in "the play" (MacBeth).
So, all this is really to show off my newfound skill! I can post pictures now! Hooray! Oh, the things we can see now! What fun!

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  1. Although I don't keep bees, something about bee skeps and bees in general appeals to me. The wedding ring quilt isn't bad either. My husband has me so spooked about false morels that I'm afraid to eat any mushrooms I find now days. I wonder how many poisonous ones I ate as a child?



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