Sunday, September 27, 2009

But I Have A Counter!

I lived in this house for ten years without a kitchen of any kind. I purchased the house when it was just a shell; it had been empty for 20 years and had never been updated. No electrical service, no running water, no heat. It was just as it was when it was built in 1917 from the fallen chestnut trees cut from this very property killed by the blight. It is home.

So, when I completed the first phase of the kitchen, I was in my last year of graduate school and was working full-time teaching at the community college. It was a hectic time! My son was in high school and keeping up with him and myself was a challenge. Thus, most of the renovation decisions were made by my brother who is a historical resorationist. He liked green, so I had a green counter, walls, and SINK when I came home one day! Ack! My lovely butcher block countertops and white, single-basin sink were gone!

I lived with this arrangement for ten years, keeping my beloved sink in storage, waiting for the day to switch it out. The existing hole was just too big for me to make the switch and I had to wait until I could replace the counter. So, there it was. My lovely sink in storage and the horrible green sink taunting me every time I went to the kitchen.

Now, I am finally able to switch the countertop and sink out. No one every took more delight in demolition than I did when the green sink went out the back door! The butcherblock countertop slid right into place; perfect! We carried the sink into the kitchen and got ready to install it. The metal rim which holds the sink had been damaged! Oh no! Lengthy discussions were held on how we might save it. Nothing would work. We would have to have a new rim or a new sink.

About two dozen phone calls, one 200 mile round trip to collect a rim that didn't fit, and a lot of crying later, I realized I would have to find another single-bowl sink. Fortunately, two hours on the internet was all it required and the sink is now on its way. In the meantime, I am using my grandmother's enamel wash basin and doing dishes in the bathtub.

It will be ten days before the new sink is delivered, but I can wait. It has been many years since I really liked my kitchen. This week, I have decided, I will repaint it the creme and deep red I so loved in the previous kitchen. And, looking on the bright side, at least I have a counter!

What kind of renovation challenges have you faced?

Added later: Do you think dangling over the tub edge whilst washing the dishes can count for an ab workout?


  1. I can really commiserate with you. When I moved to this house the plumbing was so bad that I had to do all the washing in a basin. One day I saw Jamie washing his hands in the bathtub and asked him why. He said that the sink was too small to fit his hands under! We lived with the house like that for year. When we finally could afford the plumber , he showed me that the pipes were so corroded that there was only a pencil thin opening. No wonder the water never drained! I like old-fashioned things, but plumbing is something that I'll gladly go modern on. Bet the butcher block counter tops look great!


  2. Wow! I don't think I've even ever seen a green sink! I love butcher block counter tops! I hope you take a picture when your sink gets installed as I'd love to see it!


  3. I'll post the green monster, too! LOL


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