Friday, September 25, 2009

Do You Ever Get THE Blues?

Yesterday, for all its promise in the morning, was a dud of a day.

I picked up my new kitchen counters. Yah!

They are filling the floor of the kitchen until the carpenter installs them. And, the dining room is full of boxes from the cabinets and the makeshift cabinets which shall soon be replaced with REAL cabinets. Boo!

I had a man call wanting to buy two bucks. Yah!

I think he may plan to eat them. Boo!

I have been moderately successful with my new eating plan. Yah!

My son baked a chocolate POUND cake. Boo!

Don's arm is improving daily. He is now able to push things like the mower and the TV remote. Yah!

He is still home. All day. Every day. And watching TV. All day. Every day. Boo!

And so it goes.

Do you ever feel like you just want to get in your car and drive to the nearest bed and breakfast (I'd never run away to a Holiday Inn. Not romantic enough!) and just hide your head for a three-day weekend? Have you ever wanted to be like that fella in the play who pretended he couldn't hear so that folks wouldn't talk to him?

I think I will have more cake now....


  1. I would just to lie in bed all day and eat potato chips on some days. Fortunately, duties don't allow that or I'd look like Jabba the Hut! I think it's the neither-here-nor-there weather we're having lately.


  2. Besides the usual daily ups and downs, I also live with a husband who is bipolar.

    There are days I have to get out of the house even if it is just for a small coffee at McDonald's. :)

    I have been planning to write a long e-mail but life was so busy. I'd love another jar of honey for tea this winter but it doesn't have to be the kind you sent me.

    Don't go out of your way though, just when time permits. May YOU be BLESSED as you have blessed me. :)

  3. I can sympathize! You need a partner in crime to run off with --a good gal pal! My pal and I have on numerous occasions run off to Vermont to visit Tasha Tudor's gardens or visit Marjorie and make dolls or cut wool animals. Therapy!LOL!


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