Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grandma's Frugal

Yesterday I went with a friend to a local restuarant for a baked potato and, while we were talking, our favorite server rushed past, arms and hands full. Just as she turned the corner, down went her apron -- right to her feet. She stopped to look at it and I laughed out loud. Then we all, my friend, the other servers and I, all just roared and I giggled, "Lucky it wasn't your pants!"

This got us to talking about funny wardrobe malfunctions that we have all had when I remembered my Great-Grandmother Gunter. She was Scot-Irish and that alone should tell you how very "careful" she was with a penny, much less a dollar. While she was a terrible housekeeper and cook (except Irish soda bread, for crying out loud), she would walk five miles to see a good horse or fight. She would have her shoes resoled until there was nothing to attach the new sole to.

Once, when I was quite small, maybe six or seven, we were in downtown Mt. Airy (think: Mayberry) and walking past Rose's when, Grandma's panties fell down around her ankles! Seems that she had worn them until the elastic was gone and she had tied a knot in them to keep them up. But, as she had walked, the knot worked out and, whosh, down they came! She stood there for a minute looking down; then, she looked around. Carefully, she stepped out of her drawers, took one shoe, looped a leg opening around the toe, and kicked them under the Chevy parked on the street. Then, tucking her purse under her arm, she said in her terse, Scot-Irish accented voice, "Let's go, wee one."

I dared not giggle.... until I got home.

Grandma went home to the Lord more than 40 years ago, but I can still see those panties wadded up on the ground and her stepping out of them. I guess it is a small wonder that she didn't pick 'em up and tuck them in her purse for 'next time!'

What is your favorite wardrobe malfunction?


  1. By the time I had my fourth child the elastic panels were pretty shot. One day when I was going to the doctors, my skirt just fell off. Luckily, I was wearing a slip! Just pulled it back up and kept on going.

  2. LOL that was a funny story! I don't think I've ever had a really bad wardrobe malfunction!



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