Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bless this house

There is a wonderful junque store near us, "Polly World", where one may find any number of things from lovely glass to fireplace inserts to mismatched dishes to very old farm implements. Polly and Jack are the kind of people who never know a stranger and that make you always feel as though they were waiting just for you to come visit!
A few months ago, Don and I were "visiting" (read: shopping) and a fella came in with a box of his mother's treasures. Momma had gone home to the Lord and he had been cleaning out the house. We could already tell he was single and that he had no sisters because this lovely piece was in the box of goodies he brought in. I nearly cried to think that Momma had worked so hard on this (as well as on the lace, aprons, tablecloths, and other wonderful hand created delights) and now it would left with strangers. It felt as though I was watching someone set out a dog on the highway. I was physically ill.
And, so, you know that I had to talk to him and find out about Momma and how old the piece might be and so forth. Polly could tell I wanted the piece desparately; she understands the love I have for wonderful hand created things. It is what I do and I desparately hope that someone will treasure what I leave behind. It is like Aunt Jane says in Aunt Jane of Kentucky: "Honey, cooking and cleaning don't last, but a bit of calerker will. Ain't that the saddest thing to understand?"
Polly couldn't make me a price right then, but she remembered me and tucked this away for my next visit. Words cannot express my sheer delight that this, along with several other wonders, have come to my house to live. Although I have no daughters, I have a wonderful son who understands the importance of textiles, especially hand created ones. He will make sure that my goodies are loved or place in a loving home.
Who could ask for more? I hope Momma would be pleased.


  1. I was just discussing this subject with my sister yesterday! Unfortunately, I have all sons and their wives don't like old-fashioned (or maybe me!), so I know all my handiwork will be going to the auction block. Oh well, I'd rather have someone have it that would appreciate it, than have it sit up in someone's attic!


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  2. Yes, that' always so sad. I always think about that when I go to an estate sale. Someone's life collection just going to strangers. But then you also can't keep everything from everyone! I'm glad that piece went to someone like you who can appreciate it!



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