Sunday, November 25, 2012

Best Laid Plans...

The inside day was nothing close to my hopes.

I realized that I needed feed for the piggies, Buttercup and Sausage, and that the laying pellets were a little too low for comfort, so I hopped in the car and scooted the 24 miles to the feed store. When I got out, I smelled it. Anti-freeze. Yeppers. Radiator. Blown. Like really blown. And I only had 436,000 miles on it. Go figure.

After a good talk with the guys at Southern States ("Yep. Smells like anti-freeze." "How many miles you got on this thing?" "Really?" "You better hurry; won't make it far..."), I limped the car the full block to the Advance Store for help.

"Yep. Blown radiator...You might try the guys next door at Meineki."

And the guys at Meineki, "Yup. That's a blown radiator alright. It'll take all day and maybe tomorrow to get it fixed."

I called the Mister at work and he said he'd be there when he could get there. My knitting and I sat down and started spending some quality time together. Five hours later, the car was repaired for a full 12-cents less than quoted, the Mister and I had finished my errand list I wrote while I was waiting (such a dangerous thing --- to be alone with time, paper, and pen).

The rest of the week has been spent cutting wood, hauling it home, and stacking it. We had three trees down on the property below the mountain and had a company come chop up the trees so we could split them. We are still working on it and already have brought home six loads of firewood. There is still six or seven more loads to cut and haul home. Whew.

Yesterday I watched "Gone With the Wind" and ironed antique linens and aprons. I know that Bonnie Blue dies, so why do I cry like a girl when that happens? Why do I cry when Melanie dies? Why doesn't Ashley come clean with Scarlett sooner? Bum. And, why do I hope that Scarlett gets Rhett back?? How much are those wonderful dresses??

Back to work tomorrow; we only have three more weeks of classes and it is Christmas break. I can't believe it is already here! We are still having temperatures in the 50s during the day. Crazy.

What are your plans for the week? Thanks for all the kind comments on my last posting. I was just having a day and it is nice to know folks care.

Have a simply mar-vuh-lous week, ya'll!


  1. Our plans this week... butcher the Last of the chickens.. Before the raccoon finishes them off.. Found pieces of one this morning.. :( Also trying to find my house after this long weekend.. It was a nice week.. but we seem to be juggling stuff lately.. Robbing Peter to pay Paul too.. Have no idea what to do for the girls for Christmas.. Also back to one vehicle.. Have been for a while.. Its frustrating.. But my God shall supply all my needs.. He always does..

  2. Christopher only has three more weeks until he GRADUATES!

    I started getting our Christmas boxes out yesterday. Hopefully the tree gets put up today after I take Miss Victoria to see Dr. Lisa. Her paw is swollen badly again (Victoria's, not Dr. Lisa's).

    Last year I was unhappy about having a very quiet Advent season. Somehow this year it sounds good to have time to read and watch favorite Christmas DVDs.

  3. Dear Matty,

    I'm so glad you got the radiator fixed; may it be good for another hundred thousand or so! :) Seeing trees fall is sad, until someone uses them to heat their home, then it's a real blessing. I'm praying for the day when we can have wood heat, instead of all electric! A blowing furnace just isn't the same, somehow. . .

    We're busy making quilts and Christmas presents to send far and near, along with doing all those little homey things we love.




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