Monday, November 19, 2012

An Inside Kind of Day

My students have a reading day today, so I took a personal leave day. This is my "unplanned" time at home to catch up: grading, preparing for clas, and doing things here that I like to do. The best thing is that this is "unplanned time." 

Today is an inside day and I am happy with that. The finch are chipping; Mr. Wookie alternates between snoring and stomping to the food bowl; Bunnie keeps rattling his cage because it is time for him to come out and play; and, the rain is falling Ever So Softly. There is no other noise. No TV. No music. No one talking. Just quiet.

Later today, I will put sweet potatoes in the oven and set fish out for dinner. I'll chop some apples for Waldorf salad (have you tried the honey crisps? OhMYGoodness!) and toss it on a bed of lettuce. Simple.

I am longing for a new skirt and, after pricing and trying on some while shopping with my Sissie last week, I am going to pull the Pendleton wool out of the wardrobe and finally cut out a skirt for myself. I bought this wool on close out a long time ago and haven't had the courage to cut it until now. It'll make a lovely, long skirt, four-gored, I think. And, I have enough left to make another something from it... Is it poor form to have two skirts from the same fabric, but in different styles?

Then, I will press all my antique linens that have been in storage and place them in the old chest-of-drawers that has been cleared out; I want them where they are more available so that I can use them more often.

And, if there is time left before feeding, I will stretch out with a "Piecework" that has collected and devour it and enjoy a real cuppa tea and a toasted English crumpet. I found them at Trader Joe's last week and just decided to treat myself. I am the only one who eats them and, if I am careful, they will last for two glorious weeks. Yummers.

Yeah. I like my "unplanned days." Don't you?

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  1. Your day sounds wonderful! Today I need to spend time doing some much needed spiffing up of the house to make it ready for company and then making a list of what needs to do done for the Thanksgiving meal ahead of time.

    I recently decided to iron my favorite vintage hankies and find a way to use them... after Thanksgiving! My tablecloths are draped on heavy hangers and hung in the office closet, I don't use them often these days but it is nice to have them washed and ready to go!

    Always good to "see" you. :)


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