Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a Note

Polly continues to sit on "her" eggs.

Capri continues to get her head caught in the fence. At 18 months old, she should be past this challenge. Not her. I think she is a slow learner or an optimistic one...

Baby chicks are fabulous. Only one died from transit, which is marvelous!

Fresh basil on the kitchen table for pesto tonight!

Four sachets knit for the demonstration I will be doing at Grayson Highlands State Park. I can sell any item that "matches" my demo. Thus, knitting... Portable, easy, and can talk while doing it!

Still in the 40s at night. My garden will never come in.

Sweet Pea, the bunny, explored the kitchen last night. He liked it all. And didn't poop on the floor. Joy abounds!

The rooster is singing to his hens. I need to find  way to share this... YouTube??

Soap to make today. I am nearly OUT of the 150 or so bars I started with in May. This is a good problem.... Made four batches last night. Today?? At least four or five more.... and I need to make two batches of base soap.

Finished another 12 aprons yesterday with my Cissie.They are so cute! Easy peasy.

What are you up to today? I love reading about it!


  1. Dear Matty,

    I'd love to see the new chicks, and I hope mama hen does well, too! Basil is a wonderful thing (as is pesto). I have three different kinds growing this year, and I might have some to harvest, if Rebecca stops "helping" me water. :)

    We've been busy working at the thrift store, and celebrating birthdays. We have a few green tomatoes, and our beans are just coming on (two nice pole beans fried in the sun the other day, but the bush beans are wonderful).

    Good luck with your aprons and knitting!



  2. Well I went here... then I went there and back here... and well.. I was in the van to much.. How ever I did get my calendula infused Olive oil started!!! Calendula is in the marigold family.. To me Regular marigolds are not that pretty.. But I love the orange calendula I got from Bakerscreek this year.. Its so bright and cheery..
    Not good on getting her head stuck..

  3. Just getting caught up in blogland...and I'm stopping by! I'd love to see the aprons! I've been reading my soap book...need to get up the gumption to try it! Are you off for the summer? I'm happily on vacation!!


Thanks for dropping in on the farm today! I enjoy your comments!