Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week Two Report

While Friday morning it seemed unlikely that I would emerge from the murky depths of The Mister Room, I have survived and we are still speaking.

The plan: To be able to open and close the door to the room, dust, knock down cobwebs, and sweep.

Strategy: Start at the door.... which wasn't easy since the door was behind three congas, two boxes of Austin Healy parts (think: interiors of the two car doors as this is what they are), an antique radio, and two boxes marked "miscellaneous stuff."

Attack plan: Don safety gear, update tetanus shot, call Mother and Daddy, text the Airman to tell 'em I love 'em, update will and dive in.

Result: Well, now, not only can we open AND close the door, but all the things in the hall (except the Healy parts --- they are going on the Healy This Week) are in the room. I started by looking in all the boxes. They were Willy Nealy with contents. Taking a hint from "Hoarders" and "Clean House", I categorized items in the boxes. There were five: patches from Hamm operators or motorcyclists; music; electronic and ham radio; instruments (sub categorized into brass, string, woodwinds, and percussion --- and yes, they were all represented. Remember, he is a musician.); and memorabilia.

Trashed: Four 30-gallon bags of trash (empty boxes and such) and 14 boxes that were no longer needed once categorization was complete.

In addition, this week I finished the Wingspan shawl and am now putting the lace edging on the Truly Tasha Shawl that is knit in a lovely black merino. It was started four years ago at a re-enactment when I needed some kind of handwork for demonstration. When I got home, it was put in time out and has patiently waited for me to retrieve it.

One day was spent at my darling MIL's working on cleaning her upstairs for her.

And, one day was spent with gal pals visiting, eating, and crying over my lost youth and innocence.

The rest of the week was the usual: hoof trimming, cleaning out the diddles (who are almost ready to graduate to the next level of chick life), caring for all the critters, and rescuing a poor little Easter bunny set out to fend for itself. More on that tomorrow.

Plans for this week:

Monday my gal pal Eleanor and I are going to Mecca -- the Container store and Ikea for more storage things (I need more of the little rails that go on my Elfa shelving to keep all the folded goods Straight and Good Order).

Tuesday and Wednesday will involve cleaning out a little building where the Airman has things stored and working in the gardens.

Thursday I am trading labor with a gal pal by painting her studio in exchange for the labor of my choice here the following week (I am thinking it will be painting the storage building to match the barn, chicken coop, and farm equipment buildings -- they are all purple).

Friday will be working more in the Airman's building by reorganizing it to hold all my outside decor stuff -- flags, wreaths, chairs and so forth. His stuff is mostly in the attic now, so I just have two things of his to move and then a bit of other things to move to the proper storage area. This is the "getting ready for the Market" day, too. I am making scones to go with the jam I have been making.

And, there you go, another week gone. Somewhere in there I will, of course, knit, finish dressing the towel loom, read, grade, and finish the class I am taking.

I am already tired.

What are you doing this week??


  1. Wow, girl I am impressed!!! Will you come do my house (and I will do your outdoor kitchen :-) You will have to take pictures and share!! By the way I do not see writing on the list ;-p xox Clarice

  2. Dear Matty,

    Yesterday I left you a nice long comment, but my computer ate it (have your students ever used that excuse?)! You are truly creating a vacuum there in your household; may Nature fill it with something more wonderful! :)



  3. Hi Matty! Wow, girl you have had a busy month! It sounds like you are getting so much accomplished. I am so happy for you. I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning too, but I am going to need to round up the family for some help before I try and tackle the garage. Everything else is pretty well organized now except for the garage. This is the first house we have ever had that has a door that leads from the house right into the garage. So it is very tempting to just set things out there and forget about them, out of sight out of mind! :)

    I have had a busy month but a happy one. We went on a short trip to Jacksonville Fl. We also had a party this weekend and I cooked for two days prior, baking many desserts and making a gigantic pot of spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I love doing stuff like that. It is so relaxing. We also found out that friends from Switzerland and California are going to come out for visits in the Fall so it has really given me something to look forward to.

    I have also enjoyed working on the new blog. I am still posting over on Dances With Yarn but I started a second one called Chronically Living about various chronic pain issues. It has been really invigorating and I am getting excited about the project. I hope to take some of the posts and the feed back I get and turn them into a book one day.

    I am also knitting away, but I can't seem to finish anything. I have a pair of socks going and some fingerless gloves on the needles. I also only have 4 inches to go on my needlepoint tapestry and I'll be finished. I have also started reading a great book that I can't put down that is causing me a lot of distractions! It is called "The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax" by Dorothy Gillman. It is so funny. It is about a grandma who decides she wants to be a spy, and gets pulled into adventure and intrigue. I haven't come across a book that makes me stop and laugh out loud like this in a long time.

    Lets see what else, oh, I almost have my garden finished. Our friend finished digging the beds and they looks so nice. I am hoping to get the plants in next week. We starting out with daisies, hydrangeas, azaleas, knock-out roses (the only ones that will grow in our part of Georgia), and Texas privot. Then we will kind of build from there. After that he will start work on a picket fence in the front yard. I have always wanted one and I think it will make the house look really cozy from the road.

    That's all my news! Have a great afternoon Matty and until next time... With Love Delisa :)


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