Friday, June 1, 2012


This week I started the upstairs redo. Okay. All of it was easy except one room. In the ten years the Mister and I have been married, I have slowly learned something rather uneasy for me..... he doesn't throw anything away. There. I said it.

If I am gone for a week, I can come home and can do an archeological dig in the house and tell you Every Single Thing he did for that week because it is still sitting out, crumbed up, stacked up, or on the floor. Seriously.

So, we finally compromised a few years ago; he could have one room in the house that he could do whatever he wanted in and, if he wanted to spend the money, he could put a storage building outside for the rest. He bought two -- the largest two the Amish built! They are full, too.

Now, I have had a change of heart. I can't bear it. I like things neat and organized. I like things so that when I am standing in Omaha, I can call someone and tell them: "If you go to the second drawer on the right side of the stove and open it, you will find the 6" pot under the 4" pot on the left side of the drawer." I can't help it. I just like things that way. I well understand that this may be a symptom that COULD require medication, but I am willing to chance it. And, yes, I do alphabetize my spices.... It just makes sense to me to have things where you can find them today and not in six months.

This all leads to the fact that I am Cleaning All Spaces In the House. All of 'em. Even his domain and buildings. I am exhausted with hunting my hammer. I am sick of looking for a service manual. I am sick of the smell that comes from a dusty, no, filthy, room.

Today I am in my third day of the first room. I have broken out in hives. My heart is starting to palpate ever so slightly. But, I can see the floor and hope is in sight. I am making good friends with my fear that There Is Something In There like a mouse or a snake and getting it done.

The shop building is next. If I don't come out before Tuesday, just follow the garbage bags.


  1. Dear Matt,

    Onward and upward! Your cleaning regime truly has me inspired (now to find someone to take the toddler for a week so it will stay clean!). :)

    Good luck with the ongoing clutter-clearing, but beware that you're creating a vacuum, and nature abhors one!



  2. We laugh. We applaud. We get inspired. We laugh again.

    Oh I do enjoy you, dear Matty, and your wonderful postings!

    Come visit... I'm mentioning you in my posting today, but don't come just yet... I zipped over here for your link and it's not up.

    Come over in two minutes... I'll put on the tea! You'll need a break from all those garbage bags!

  3. Just let me know when to send in re-enforcements. I'll be on my way. My husband never puts anything back in the same place twice. If he does the dishes, it's like an Easter egg hunt for me the next time I cook. I do like things organized. But, I haven't gone the alphabetized route...but I sense that that may come next. My problem is that I have to organize the house and the classroom and I'm surrounded by people with organizational issues! Never good!
    Enjoy the weekend!!

  4. SO whens the Garage sale??????? I am sure I could find something useful that I couldnt live with out!lol
    Actually I am getting ready to do a major clean out around here.. I am tired of the piles.. I am not neat and organized and I sure dont alphabetize my spices... ;)

  5. Good luck with your project Matty!! I love your confession: "I am making good friends with my fear that There Is Something In There like a mouse or a snake and getting it done."

    I just went through that yesterday when I had to move a small water fountain on my patio. Mice love to nest under the domed base so Jim was the one who always checked it and cleaned it out if there were inhabitants. But I had to do it myself yesterday. I'm sure I put on quite an entertaining show for the neighbors as I worked to move this piece. Thankfully - no residents. Life is good!!


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