Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Little Cheese Please

Today I am feeling very overwhelmed.

This is my schedule nearly every week day:

5:15 Out of bed
        Feed all the inside animals and the outside dogs and cats
        Make coffee or tea
        Pack lunch
        Prepare breakfast
        Clean litter box
        Dress and leave for campus

6:30  Must be in the car and headed to work.

7:30  Arrive work: answer emails, phone messages, counsel students, check assignments

9:30-12:15  Class

12:30-1:30-2 Office hours --- more of the above

2:00 Leave campus and run all errands (feed, grocery store, post office, and so forth)

3:30ish Arrive home
          Answer college emails
           Change for barn
          Start supper
          Feed all the critters in the house and outside again
          Clean litter box

4 (usually)- 6
          Fill woodstove
          Hook-up water
          Dump compost
          Feed, water chickens and gather eggs
          Hay to the bucks
          Turn does out on fresh pasture
          Feed cow
          Clean goat yard, stalls (30 minutes)
          Feed does
          Give does hay
          Feed bucks

6     Finish supper
       Wash all dishes
       Clean eggs and put away
       Start laundry or clean about 1/2 hour
        Make soap, in spring
       Make bee food, in spring
        Check email
        Prepare for class
        Review assignments
       Assorted other homework or housework

9   Bathe
     Knit 30 minutes
     Read Bible, night-night book

10-11 Lights out

1:30 Wake up to put the dog out....

No wonder I am so tired. Just once in a while, I'd like the Mister to beat me home and do this list. Just once. Oh, well, I leave to see the Airman and his bride in Okinawa on Tuesday... And I can rest then... Right??



  1. Well, congratulation on becoming a mother-in-law! You've convinced me. I don't want any livestock. Georgie is enough work!

  2. Ok, your schedule is putting me to shame! But, you're off on a trip to meet the new bride! How exciting!
    We had a snow day today, and boy, was I thrilled! All I did was rug hook.
    I'm thinking of you as you venture off around the world!

  3. Dear Mattie,

    My, I feel privileged now that you ever have time to visit my blog! At least the devil won't have YOUR hands to make mischief with. :)

    Best of luck in your travel; how exciting!



  4. Oh my goodness... what a list.....

    And I must of missed the news...I didn't realize the Airman had a bride. How wonderful. And you get to go visit. Wishing you lovely times....

    And grace for the journey through that list every day!

  5. Hi Matty, my goodness what a list! You are amazing, you have an incredible amount of stamina, I can see why you get tired too. I used to have an extremely busy schedule a few years ago and I found that taking a break once in awhile and getting away from it did a world of good. I sure hope you have a fun trip to see your son and his bride! I have never been to Japan, but I have heard from friends that it is wonderful place to see. Have a safe journey and I know we all look forward to hearing about your trip when you get back! Delisa :) P.S. Thank you Matty for the Versatile Blogger award, I sure do appreciate it and it made me so happy that you thought of me!

  6. I missed then new bride news, too!

    I don't know how you are able to do all of that.

    After watching Downton Abbey, my daughter and I realize what is missing from our houses... Downstairs staff!

  7. Hi Matty! I don't know if you are back from your trip yet. I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I was thinking about you and hoping that you are have a great time! Delisa :)


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