Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's a Pair!

One pair of socks done!

We had a pre-retirement meeting today which gave me the chance to knit all day so I could finish Corrie's second sock. I am a little disappointed that there are two rows difference in the toe. Most likely I was off in the colour round when I cast on, but you know, they are identical to that point, so who cares??

There is something that makes the second sock go so much faster, at least for me. I guess it is because it feels like I am on the home stretch. Actually, I feel the same way when I turn the heel in the first sock. Either way, I love knitting them and always have a pair on the needles. Even if they are just my plain Jane's, there is something so special about wearing a pair of hand knit socks. You know that you are loved!

What are you making these days?

Btw, this is my 300th post! I can't believe how quickly they have flown by and how many wonderful folks I have met along the way. I am posting a giveaway to celebrate later this week. Stay tuned!


  1. Matty, what cute socks! And when you say one pair done... does that mean you have a goal for more... for Christmas?

    Congrats on post 300! I'll watch for your giveaway...........

  2. I wish I knitted!lol But I dont have much sit down time unless I am at the PC or reading a book.
    Yeah for #300!!!

  3. Cute, cute socks Matty! Do you have a "best book ever" about knitting socks that you would recommend????

    Congratulations on #300!!!!

  4. Love'em Matty, the color reminds me of
    sherbert:-) I have too many knitting needles engaged to list!


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