Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Distraction

We will not mention The Shawl today; after knitting until midnight whilst watching The Sword of Lancelot (which was really good), I am still 62 stitches from done. The best I can figure, another hour should do it. But, I am developing an unhealthy obsession with The Shawl, so I am not going to talk about it. Really.

So, to distract myself, the Airman and I created these:

As we were baking, he commented, "You know, Mum, working with explosives and baking are a lot alike. You have to follow the receipt or it all goes to slaw in a hurry." I needed to hear that, by the way. As you know, I try really hard to not think about what he does every day.


Today we are going to play with our new Christmas toy -- the wood splitter. While the Hardy is extremely effective, this old house takes a lot of wood to keep warm. Thoreau was certainly correct when he said that wood was the fuel that warmed one twice.


  1. Your cookies look yummy when do we eat? Can't wait to read more about your farm. Have a great New Year!

  2. i cannot even imagine splitting wood by hand anymore! LOVE my splitter! it has a honda engine that shall never die :D
    i finally have a decent internet signal so merry christmas a bit late but a happy new year just in time!
    oh my...what's with these boys of ours???
    where did the "DANGER" DNA come from...certainly not me!

  3. I have a wood splitter His name is Kyle!Lol Pretty cookies and Oh yikes on the Exxplosive comment.. You tell him Mommas dont need any more reasons to have heart attacks!
    Lol about the unhealthy obsession.. Its beatiful I cant wait to see it when its done... You will post a picture right??

  4. I will post a picture indeed. Let's hope it is soon... like before the New Year! LOL

    Yeppers; explosives. He is an EOD tech in the AF. He plays with things that go boom... and to think, he was raised a Quaker...

  5. I love that shawl! also, the goat cookies...of course they are my favorite. enjoy the weekend with your son!


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