Thursday, December 30, 2010


After a completely exhausting tustle, The Shawl has retired to a long soak. She is pouting; I am gloating. Victory is mine!

There is a lesson here for all difficult to knit lace shawls....never take on an English professor. Our perseverance is legendary. We train by sitting longer and through more boring things than any athlete. We are able to identify split infinitives in a single glance. Subject / verb agreement are mere intellectual reflex to us. Unable to glean the meaning from a text? Hand it to us; we can find more meaning that the author ever dreamt of in their philosophy. We laugh in the face of essays that have 500 words and more than half  of 'em are one syllable. Try to sneak someone else's work by us? Never! We have the ability to remember writing voices longer than most people can remember their own names.

I am an English Professor. All lace shawls -- quake and be afraid.


  1. Whoo Hoo! I enjoyed your victory posting!

  2. Gorgeous rock, woman! Now, hang those spectacles from your nose and get to stitching! Just kidding, I know better than to mess with an English Professor and very wise woman such as yourself.
    Love ya

    That is SO true it's still scary 30 years after high school!!
    Oh I sooo love to knit....maybe this year I will be victorious over socks...I never quite get it!
    Yarns....oh, just as bad as fabrics with me....drooling over your knitting a shawl...they are one of the reasons I want to grow old and grey!
    (the other is that one doesn't give a rats behind what anyoneelse thinks ;)

  4. Oh Matty, you do make me smile. By the way English professors (and anyone who knows their grammar) make me quake and afraid ;- o xoxoxoox Clarice

  5. A victory dance is in order!! You fought the good fight and won - making the shawl all the more beautiful!

    (ps - Why are you soaking it and in what??)

  6. Thanks! It is soaking in Eucalin (which is very gentle and good for handknits) as it needed to be blocked and wetting it makes it easier to shape. And, it gets all the excess dye out. I'll post some photos of the blocked and finished shawl in a bit.


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