Monday, December 27, 2010

Give Away -- Finally!

Without further ado, our little give away for one of our friends here at Lazy Bee Farm.

In this adorable Snowman tin are: one bar of balsam scented sleigh goat milk soap and one mini-bar snowman in vanilla; a handknit dish / wash cloth; a handwoven red alpaca lavendar sachet, handwoven linen tea towel, a pint of Lazy Bee Farm honey (not pictured) and Victoria's Charms of Tea -- purchased just for this give away!

To enter the drawing, please leave a comment for one entry. And, if you are so kind as to mention this on your blog, please leave me a note for a second entry. The winner will be drawn on New Year's Eve using the random number generator. I can't wait to see who starts off the New Year a winner! We have a saying here in the mountains... what you do on New Year's is what you do all year...

Now, as Inigo said in The Princess Bride, let me sum up...

As happens nearly every end of the semester, I get a computer virus -- I suspect from a disgruntled student -- just saying... This one wiped out IE, so I haven't been able to log in to the Internet from home. Add to that the fact that Blogger wouldn't let me log in from anywhere, it is a formula for great sadness for me!

Other events...
  • The Airman is home for two weeks! Joy, joy, joy! Did I mention that I was happy??
  • We have more than eight inches of snow on the ground (the second bout in two weeks)...
  • A frozen water hose will explode if you touch it in subfreezing temperatures and the water is still on... and said exploding hose can knock one little farmer flat on their hinney whilst rather large dogs run the other way...
  • I love Mr. Hardy who invented our new wood stove. If I weren't too old, I would have his baby.
  • While other people might think it is odd, I personally think a wood splitter is a fine Christmas present. What would make it finer would be having someone else use it.
  • My nephews can say "Aunt Matty" 400 times in less than 1 hour. I wish my name was something else...
  • I am not too old to see Tangled. Neither is the Airman.
  • Never move a 42"  loom when there is a project in process. I can't even write about this yet.
There is much more, but I will spare you the details for now. I have missed you all terribly and can't wait to catch up on my online reading! What has been going on in your world!?


  1. What an "event-full" holiday you've had Matty - but the one event that really touched me deeply was..."moving a 42" loom when there is a project in process". I can only imagine the chaos to which I hope you are able to restore order.

    Happy New Year, friend!!!

    (I will be sending my snail-mail address, I'd love to see your favorite sock book!!)

  2. Hello, So glad you are back on your blog. I enjoy reading it. I'm from Philadelphia. And I live with my daughter and her 4 children, which keeps me young at heart. I found your blog on Brenda's website. Please enter me in the drawing. My name is Nancy.

  3. I have missed you!!! We watched How to train your dragon on Christmas! lol It was cute!Tangled is on the list too.
    Please enter me in your giveaway and I will post it on the top of my blog side bar too!

  4. I'm glad you are back!

    Christopher got the movie Inception for Christmas and we watched it yesterday. Wow, I couldn't stop thinking of it.

    You've been missed!

  5. Merry belated Christmas, glad to have you back xoxox Clarice

  6. Am visiting your blog from Connecticut. Have really enjoyed reading it!

  7. What a lovely give-away! I found you thru Brenda's blog. I would love a wood splitter too :o) Happy New Year! Dee
    homesteadprimitives at juno dot com

  8. I'm reading your blog from Carmel, Indiana where we have snow but certainly not as much as you! They tell us we will have temps in the 50's and rain later this week so goodbye to all the snow on the ground. Please enter me in your drawing..I check your blog sight thru a connection of my friend, Sandy..or as I call her, Oakleaf. Thanks..Audrey at

  9. I found your blog through Brenda's blog, so I know you are highly recommended. I am in sunny Florida where we are freezing in the low 20's!

  10. I, too, found your blog through Coffee Tea Books and Me.
    What a beautiful home on your header!
    I am in cold Colorado. No snow here though.

  11. Hi Matty, I just found you through the Simple LIfe Blog and so glad I did. Sounds like a busy Christmas but a good one--except fo said hose and loom. I would love to be entered in your giveaway and appreciate this wonderful opportunity. I am also going to be a new follower. I want to raise bees this coming year so I am thrilled you are a bee keeper :) Happy New Year. Check out our blog if you get a chance-we are Verde Farm. Are you from the Asheville area? I lived there for 8 years and just had a feeling you may be close by.

  12. I found you thru Brenda's blog also! Wow that is a lot of snow! I can't wait to see Tangled.I can't wait to start reading your blog it sounds like there is always something exciting going on!What a lovely giveaway.
    Monica monk5 at charter dot net

  13. Found you through Brenda's blog, also, and am so glad to find you. The giveaway has so many great things . . . especially the honey for my morning tea and the Tea magazine. Wishing for more snow here in Oregon; some in the past and predicted but no go so far!

  14. You have a very lovely blog. I'll visit often. I'm sorry about the project on the loom... I'd love to be signed up for the give-away...

  15. I too found you from Coffee, Tea, Books blog and am so glad! What a lovely blog. I'm excited to read more about you and will put a link to you on my blog, so please enter me into your drawing. It looks like so much fun. I'm writing from Washington state where we may get some snow tomorrow. Have a Happy New Year!

  16. I too found you from Coffee, Tea Books blog... love your beautiful picture of the house....would love to live in it!!!

  17. Love the items in the giveaway! Found you through Coffee, Tea, Books and Me!

    Rachel C.

  18. :) Another friend of Brenda's popping in and planning to stay for a lovely visit.

  19. I found your blog through Brenda's. I'm a city girl in life, but a farmer girl at heart :) Looking forward to reading more about your life on the farm!

  20. OOOH your soap! I want some! Pick me, pick me...LOL! I will be dipping my toe into soapmaking this Spring and I hope to pick your brains a bit this Summer when your in Concord:-)
    I will put your giveaway in an upcoming post too.

  21. SO happy to have found your blog through another I recently discovered! :)

  22. I am glad your airman is home. My Marine is home too. Love your blog. Enter me in your drawing. thanks.

  23. What a generous drawing! Love your blog and love your shawl, too! Please enter me in your drawing....Sue

  24. I have just stumbled upon your blog and would like to thank you for this opportunity to win such a nice gift!

    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com


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