Friday, October 9, 2009

A Night with Louisa

My gal pal Jackie has a new passion: she has fallen in love with Louisa May Alcott. Add to that the fact that Jackie lives in a log house built in 1860 and that she is stripping it back to the original by herself, you have the makings of a wonderful evening! Now, add nine women, from all different backgrounds, different jobs, different life experiences, but who all love Jackie and Louisa and you know the night was stellar!
Friday night we met at Jackie's at 6:30; everyone brought a covered dish and a soup bowl with spoon. Jackie provided soup, coffee, apple pie (in honor of Louisa!), and the setting. What a lovely house -- candles lit windows, tables, corners and fireplaces. A huge fire roared in the living room and the house felt as if time had stopped in 1863. Perfect!

Everyone was nearly done with their soup when Louisa arrived looking for her father! What a sight to see! She rushed into the house, breathlessly asking: "Father, has he arrived? Marmee sends a message!" The faces of the women around the table and in the various little nooks Jackie had created were delightful! Everyone joined right into the game as Louisa explained how she came to look for father and then made the keen observation that "You must be progressive women! Many of you are bravely wearing Bloomers! How charming! Are you suffargettes?" The laughter exploded as Louisa shared her thoughts on women voting, writing, and her book "Little Women" ("I don't care for it one bit; it is silly pap, but it sells!")
All in all, the night was pure magic and everyone had a wonderful time. There is nothing more pleasurable than a group of women laughing and sharing ideas, don't you agree?
Thanks, Jackie, for a wonderfully magic evening! We love you!


  1. Matty,

    That sounds like so much fun! You certainly have creative friends! That reminds me that pretty soon it will be time to pull out Louisa's Old Fashioned Thanksgiving for a reread


  2. Oh my gosh how fun LOL, I love it. Clarice


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