Saturday, October 24, 2009

Matches, please

See this??

It is the Prayer Shawl pattern from Debbie Macomber's latest "Yarn Shop on Blossom Street" novel. Valerie wanted to knit one for her m0ther-in-law and I agreed to a knit along for moral support. Yes, she manages to get me into a lot of scrapes...

I have reknit the same row for an hour now and the pattern is NOT working out. Now, I am a fine knitter, quite frankly. Very little challenges me to the point of crying. This has.

So I have decided to set fire to it in the front yard.

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  1. Knitting lace can be so frustrating. You can be almost to the end of a project, then mess up. It's almost impossible to unravel the row with all it's yo s, skps and knit togthers.! Maybe the pattern had a mistake in it?



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