Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Roving....

As a distraction from the weather, how about we all look at what sheep do in the winter? They wear wool.

This roving is a lovely Rambouillet/Merino/Alpaca from Nancy at Foxfire Hollar Farm. It is a natural coloured fiber and will be lovingly spun for use as either a shawl or scarf and hat combo. It has a wonderful hand and, when washed, will bloom into an even softer and fuller fiber. There are eight ounces here, but when I got home this morning from the shop's third anniversary party, I realized I wanted the full pound. I got the last of this particular roving and I am so excited!

Nancy's shop features such delicous goodies as yarn, weaving, baskets, toys, as well as Nancy's own beef, pork, and lamb. She is an amazing woman! I could sit and watch her talk to people all day! She has the gift of hospitality and makes everyone feel as though they are the most important person in the world. Her shop is like a lively bee hive and she is the queen; we all adore her and appreciate her!

This came from Pat at Kid Hollow Farm. Evelyn brought it to me when she went to the Montpelier Fiber Festival a few weeks ago. It is the "Crayola" colourway and a 50/50 blend of mohair and border leicester; there are eight ounces here and it will be a scarve or a small shoulder shawl. It will depend on if I ply it or not. Single ply will give a finer weight and would make the more lovely shawl, don't you agree? It is currently on my wheel and now I am eager to finish spinning it so that I can move to the next roving. I can't help but think that this may be from the little goats I fed animal cookies to last summer when we (Evelyn, Deneice, and I) went to visit Pat at her farm.

If you take a quick look at her web page, you can see the darling faces of her little ones. Pat and her husband Steve manage their farm as well as work full-time jobs! And, what is more amazing is that Pat does ALL the dyeing herself! Such a lovely farm! (I won't discuss the near fatal encounter I had with a black snake looped around a rope in her stable. I have a near deadly fear of anything snakish -- on TV or in person! It caused quite a howl when I scaled the knee walls and tore a door off the hinge escaping the very very very large black snake... I do not exaggerate...)

All this is in an effort to deny the fact that there have been snow flurries this morning and tonight. And, it is my effort to find something toasty and warm to do. Why is it that 35-degrees doesn't seem nearly so cold in January as it does in October?

Here is where I will be, should you need to find me:


  1. Matty

    Wish I lived close enough to visit Nancy's shop. It sounds wonderful. How long will it take you to spin the yarn? I agree that the Crayola roving would be lovely at a finer weight and made into a lacy shawl or scarf. By the way, love your davenport!


  2. Hi Jane!

    It will take about three hours to spin it, but only because I have to stop for tea breaks! LOL

    Thanks for the compliment on the davenport!


  3. Wow, I am totally impressed. How wonderful to spin your own yarn. I look forward to seeing what you create with it.



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