Friday, June 19, 2015

Well, My Darings...

I've been away for quite a while and have decided it is time to return to my blog. However, there will be changes. Still going to write about my farm, life, and so forth. But, other things may show up from time-to-time. I am not remarkable nor do I have a remarkable life, by the world's standards. It is, though, remarkable to be alive. The world is beautiful... more so every single day.

How can one not think so when there are sights such as these to be enjoyed just for the sitting and, well, opening one's eyes??

Or a hysterically funny deaf cat who watches ceiling fans...

Or a pantry full of homegrown goodness for the winter...

What brings you joy?


  1. Good to read your blog again Matty! At this very moment putting my feet up after a long day of running up and down stairs gives me joy!

  2. Joy is seeing you again on the sidebar of my blog. Well, not you but you know what I mean! -;)


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