Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Assignments....

One of the biggest chores this summer is just finishing projects. They range from house to fiber to yard / garden to... well, you see how it goes... Always something more to add to the list!

I have set out a list of projects that must be done before I return to campus. These are the ones that I think are MOST important and probably wouldn't make other people's list At All.

Spinning mohair / wool /nylon from Serial Knitters in Seattle.  

Setting the twist on handspun from Riverslea Farm NH. (Hi, Liz!)

Knitting a baby blankie from Cascade Cherub Aran. (Love this fiber! Sooo soft!)    

It has been in the 90s here which is highly unusual. So, staying inside and playing with wool or fiber is a delicious way to spend the day.

When I am not playing with fiber, I have been sorting One More Time to clean out space. We are doing some serious downsizing and many things have to go. The first time through, well, a lot of things didn't go. The second time, though, it is easier to let those things go that are not sentimental, heirlooms, or beautiful. I can't express how freeing it is to see things go to others who will be able to give them a good home. I'm going to miss the Mister - hahahahaha.

How are you staying cool??

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