Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let me sum it up....

Yeah. It's kind of been like that...

The Airman is home and settled at his new duty station with Mrs. Airman.

Worked the blueberries all summer for my parents. Sold more than 500 gallons and still had berries in the field.

Been doing this:

Teaching English to students who want to write papers in text message. *Insert sigh and prayer here.*

Adopted Duchess and Annie. Duchess is a 10-year-old white deaf cat who was surrendered by her owner. She is a hoot.

Annie was born at Clover Cat Rescue and has been a joy to me. I believe Wookie picked her out for me. She spends most of her time doing this:

Yeah. Sugar Plum Eeyore and Annie are good buds. She carries him from the food bowl to the water dish to the litter box and to bed. She never had babies, so this is even more funny. When it is bedtime, she brings him and drops him at my feet and "mew!" in the most insistent tone.

In the fall, Lazy Bee Farm started getting a face lift -- bathrooms redone, painting, and furniture recovered:

Purple. That says it all.

Went to Seattle for the Airman family wedding vow renewals. Got to meet Clarice from Storybooks Woods and had a most marvelous time with Melinda and Freeman who drove up for the week. Love. Seattle. (And, no pics! Ack!)

Now, we have this going on...

Babies... babies... babies. This is Lotus with first-time Mum Lilac. Lotus and her brother, who is solid white and named Lyle, are about the size of cats... and so cute! They like having their faces and noses kissed.

I have missed blogging and sharing our farm! Let's not be strangers, eh?


  1. LOVE the couch and meeting you xox Clarice

  2. It was so nice seeing a post from you on my Favorites!

  3. Matty! Welcome back, I have missed you and have been checking back periodically through the summer and fall. It is so nice to hear of all the good things happening up your way. We just finished a big indoor remodeling/painting project in December. It was very stressful, but in the end it all turned out the way we had hoped, and everything looks fresh and bright again. We did most of our walls butter cream yellow. But we went bright princess pink in the guest room (it was a request from several of my girlfriends who come to visit! (thankfully most have color blind husbands), and robin's egg blue in the laundry and downstairs bathrooms. The upstair bath is mint green.

    But on a very sad note, I'm sorry to have to tell you Matty that we lost our dear Barkley dog when he passed away suddenly on Jan. 20. He was 9 1/2 years old. We were playing in the back yard and he just fell down and died, it was as quick as that and he was gone in seconds, no sign or warning. As hard as it was, I was thankful I was there with him because I can honestly know that he did not suffer. The doctor believes that he had a brain aneurism, which while not common, does happen quite often in older goldens. Our hearts are as broken as can be, but we are holding up as well as can be expected. He was such a loving and happy dog and knowing that, has helped me to treasure all the joyous times we had together.

    I have been continuing on with my many projects. We moved my studio and I now have the whole upstairs, which has given me a lot more room to spread out and work on various things. We also made a little den up there and a space where I can have tea with my friends.

    Tony and I both have been almost continually sick with bronchitis since November. We get better for a bit then one of us gets it again and then passes it on. I'm sure looking forward to spring time this year.

    It is so good to catch up, it sounds like you had a very busy summer and fall. Come by for a visit and a virtual cup of tea and a chat anytime! Have a lovely evening and pet your new kitties for me. With Love, Delisa :)

  4. Welcome back Matty…missed ya!

  5. Dear Matty,

    Such a beautiful kid! I would LOVE to be there to help you with them. How fun to have met Clarice; that's on my list of things I want to do in life!



  6. p.s. Oh dear, it looks like I'm signed in as Audrey! :0


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