Monday, February 10, 2014


Dancing Stars!

Courtney at Sassafras and Winterberry sent me this cutie patootie
when I admired her rug hooking. 
I have worked to learn the art of this new needlework and 
feel that the result is well worth it. 
Next up..
Darling honey bee inspired chair pads for the dining room. 

Duck tape.. 
Have you seen what they have developed now?? 

Too cute or what? 
 I thought Duck Tape was only for patching. 
Heck, no! 
This is the "smooth top" variety. 
Can you believe there are four other styles
all for the care and comfort 
of your cabinets? 
It is padded and washable with a cloth. 
In heaven! 
I am doing a roll a day until all the kitchen cabinets 
are wiped and tidied for spring. 

Annie is sitting next to me and being a dor a ble. 
Supper time! 

Meanwhile, it is snowing... 
How about you? 


  1. What fun to have you back blogging, m'dear! Thanks so much for your comment on my love post. Yes, I'm writing. Happy? haha

    I like that new duck tape product...neat!

  2. Just read your comment on Susan Branch blog about your shoulder pads flapping all day... OMG!! I needed that laugh so much after the morning I've had... what was supposed to be a "dusting" of snow turned into 10 MORE inches! Shoveled at midnight and again at 6 a.m. Lost my car keys somewhere in the snow (foolishly left in my coat pocket), get alternate transportation to work, can't get in the office as no one else is here (my office key is on the lost car key chain)..So no laughter yet for me today UNTIL I read this... So glad I've found your blog too - it's lovely :) Debb

    1. Hi Debb! Glad you dropped by! What a day you are having! I hope it gets better! We started our morning with the Mister going out to fill the woodstove, bending over, and setting off the "panic" button on the house alarm fob which was in his pocket. Try explaining that to the call service and the police.... Have a wonderful day!

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