Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Fever

It is snowing as I type; the flakes look as if they are dancing as they float through the air. We are just on the fringe of a major snow storm. While the rest of our county will only see a dusting, we could have the full eight inches forecasted for today and tomorrow. My pansies look hopeful, but limp. Sigh.

Spring break for me has typically been a time to catch up and clean. This break is no exception. This morning I worked on the information for taxes. I have a terrible system. It is called "a box." Works. Sort of. But, then there is the day spent sorting, tabulating, and crying to straighten it all out. Filing doesn't work for me. And, I am terrible with a ledger (after all, I teach English, not Math) and just the though of it makes me break out in hives. So, I have hit on a new cunning plan for this year. I am setting up a binder with plastic page protectors in categories with a ledger sheet in front for each. When I come home with a receipt, it will go in the correct pocket and be entered in the ledger. The notebook is going on the bookshelf at the front door where I am in the habit of using "the box." Since I love, love, love notebooks (it is the teacher in me, I know), I think this will work. We will sort it out at the end of the year and see how it worked.

So, in my effort to get it all arranged and work through taxes, I have gone through all my warranties and manuals and put them in notebooks by category as well. As good as I could get was to have all the outside stuff in one and the inside in the other notebook. It is then sorted by type / room (all kitchen stuff together and so forth). Much, much better already and, I hope, cleaner. And, I have cleared out all the manuals for things that don't exist any longer (why didn I think a rice cooker was a good idea? One use and that one was gone... goo all over the counter from where it boiled over. Bleh.)

Next up is to print labels for the linen and cleaning closet baskets. That was cleaned on Saturday and I spent yesterday playing with my Cricut making label backings and with Excel making labels to attach and then laminate. Ah, that is the joy of organization ---- the great toys!

How are you dealing with spring fever?


  1. We were in the bullseye of the storm... sigh. I had to admit it was pretty so I went outside to take pics this morning. Spring will arrive here someday. :)

    I am SO glad your son is home safe and sound.

  2. Hope your system works for you Matty! We just finished up our taxes, with two part-time residents for MI and WI. Ugh! Fortunately, next year we'll be full-time pensioners and taxes should be a breeze. There's something positive to be said for poverty! I don't save any of the warranties except for really expensive items (like the car). I figure the cost of the aggravation of keeping them is far more expensive than the cost of replacing the item!

  3. Hi Matty, thank you for your comment on my give away :) I just wanted to let you know that I accidently deleted it!!!

    I was on my phone and pressed the publish button but must have pushed the deleted button. I've tried to get it back but it's completely gone :(

    I'm so sorry! Please feel free to leave another comment, I'll publish them on my computer from now on :)

  4. Hi Matty. I came by to return the blog visit and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on mine. I dealt with spring fever by planning my garden!


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