Friday, May 31, 2013

There Should Be Pictures

And there will be. But, for now, words will have to do.

Things are super busy at the farm getting ready for, gulp, winter already. The garden isn't in; we are still having temps in the 40s, but I have determined that this weekend it will go in and either rot in the ground or overcome the cool nights.

Firewood is being gathered. Last winter we had nearly enough, but not quite. I ended up buying two loads of wood at the end of the season. While it was still cheaper than using propane or kerosene, it was too much money when we have so many fallen trees at our chainsaw's end! So, more wood stacked now to dry will lead to better economy in the winter! As a sidebar to that, it is hay season and we have already brought in our first trailer load.

We have four kids this season -- three bucklings and one doe. They are all within a few weeks of age, so they play together so sweetly. This morning it is "king of the rock" and this afternoon it will be "king of the trees." They nudge, push, and leap on each other until they collapse and down they go for a quick snooze! They are so like human babies  -- it is a hoot!

All the grading and excavating is done. Water is at the barn! Hooray! The drive has been extended to the back door -- honestly -- why didn't I do that years ago!?? So much easier on me! The ditch has been piped and filled in (no more snakes there!) and the huge dirt pile is gone! It makes me smile every time I come home to see so much cleaned up out there! Now, to the planting and re-landscaping of the yard!

New doors have been ordered for the house. My 100-year-old doors finally started to split; it has broken my heart, but I managed to find a contractor who would custom build them for me. They have the same look and, yes, they will be purple! Can't wait for that!

And, lastly, we have a project of mega-excitement getting ready to take off -- I hope. We had a lot of damage on seven acres around the creek from all the flooding this spring. The U.S. Soil and Water Conservation Department has grants for creek bank repair and remediation. As a part of this, we will get a new line fence to keep cattle and other livestock out of the creek, hardwoods on either side of the creek, a well for our animals, and, we hope, a bridge to the back three acres. As it is a grant, we will be responsible for maintenance for 15 years. Easy peasy! As a sidebar, you remember the artifacts I share from time-to-time? It appears we may have a Native American camp site or other site along the creek. The State Cultural Anthropologist will visit, do few little digs to assure that we are not disturbing anything, and then issue a blessing. It is all so fascinating! Beginning farmers have so many options, if they will just get to know their Farm Service Agent. Of course, I will have my camera working by then and be able to document what happens here.

So, we have been covered up, over, and around this summer, but what fun we are having! Pictures next time!

What are you into these days?


  1. I was just thinking of you recently, wondering how you were doing so it was good to "see you" here. :)

    Getting ready for company here as well as putting in the garden in between wet and cold days. When it wasn't cold we went up to 90. Weird weather but this next week looks to be pleasant.

    We didn't expand the garden as we planned but at least we did get it planted!

  2. Hi Matty! It is so nice to see you back again and I really love the new blog look. Boy, have you been busy, it sounds like you have really accomplished a lot. Sorry to hear about you having to replace your antique doors, but the new ones sound wonderful. Purple doors, how fun is that! :) I have had a busy spring too, mostly trying to get my spring cleaning done and little jobs around the house. I am still knitting away and I am working now on a pair of cherry red "Norwegian Wedding Gloves". I saved the pattern and had it in my notebook for years and finally decided to try and make them. The family and Barkley are all doing well too. Have a lovely sunday evening ahead. With Love, Delisa :)


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