Friday, January 4, 2013

Mr. Brown

It seems we have a new family member: Mr. Brown.

Mother and I rescued him this morning from the roadside where he, apparently, had been waiting for someone to come back for him. Daddy had seen him there before which is why we assume this is the case. He had not moved more than a few feet in days.

A lovely golden brown, Mr. Brown is a hounddog of some sort and should weigh about 70-80 pounds. He weighs 36. He couldn't stand or walk. I carried him to the car; on the way, we became best friends because he peed on me. A lot. On my new coat.

The vet checked him out and he seems healthy, just starved. When left, he was still eating and drinking, drinking and eating, and stopping to wag his tail at the vet techs taking care of him. He will be at the clinic for a few days. If his kidneys are okay, he will most likely join us at Lazy Bee Farm. That is, if Moosie and Anabel agree. They make the final choice.

I do not understand why people get pets and then decide they cannot or do not want to care for them. Moosie was 50 pounds underweight when we got him; Anabel was abused and anti-social. Waldo, the cat, was dumped on my friend Donna. And Mr. Bunnie was set out probably because he was no longer the cute little Easter bunny some kid got. Wookie was a four week old abandoned kitten.

There have been times when we have had up to ten cats, all spayed, neutered, and immunized, that became part of our family when they had been set out. The worst case was a Momma and her pups, all eight of 'em, that were set out here. We couldn't keep them. Just too many dogs, but we did find her a foster home so she and the pups were cared for until they got their forever home.

I fear, as times get harder, that more animals will be set out. As it is now, there are horses being set loose in our local federal parks, goats dropped off in fields where there are other goats, and, even chickens showing up yards. This is far and away, to me, demonstrates how difficult times are; it is bad enough to find a dog or cat, but farm animals? What is this world coming to?

Anyhow, welcome to the family, Mr. Brown!


  1. Glad you picked him up.. Hope he does okay.. We have seen some of those animals dumped off like that. For the most part its horses.. People get them because every kid "needs" a horse or something like that and dont realize the time and money it takes to have them.. As much as I hate to see good horses slaughtered the no slaughter houses really hurt things.. Americans idolize horses so much that they cant get it in their heads they are still an animal and they can be used for meat. better for their life to end mercifully while they are still healthy rather than to be abandoned and become a problem.. just my opinion on that... ;)

  2. Hi Matty! Bless your tender heart for taking care of Mr. Brown. Truly, Matty what a wonderful thing to do. I know you are a very humble person and you don't think that what you did is anything so special, but it really touches my heart and I'm so glad you did it. I can't understand how people can leave their animals like that either. At least take them to a shelter where they might have a fighting chance and not starve and suffer. There is a scripture I read once that says "God blesses those who take care of the souls of their domestic animals." I think that how we treat our animals is a huge reflection on who we are as a human being and a society. Someone that can find it in their hearts to hurt or abandon an animal will do the same to another human being. Sorry for getting on the soapbox! :) I hope Mr. Brown gets back on his feet and will be able to soon be with you and all the dear creatures at Lazy Bee. Have a lovely Saturday! With Love, Delisa :) P.S. Again...Bless your heart.

  3. Dear Matty,

    I'm sure that you have an invisible sign hovering over you that says, "Animal Sanctuary". :) Bless you for being kind to Mr. Brown, and so many others. I happen to believe that angels take note of such things, and reward them in kind.



  4. My daughter and I were recently talking about people abandoning pets due to the economy. Their dog was free but they have had to spend hundreds in vet bills recently.

    As she said, they have the money to pay (albeit it makes it tight financially for awhile) but it seems when people don't, they abandon the pet.

    I can't understand that at all. We were without income for two different years and would no more think of getting rid of Sasha and Storm than our own kids!

    Victoria requires medicine and seeing her doctor for a rare paw problem but we set up a payment schedule to take care of her. I guess some people don't get as attached to their animals as others.

    One would at least take them to a shelter where they have food, water, and shelter and hopefully could get adopted.


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