Tuesday, October 9, 2012

More October Loves

Krispie Kreme Halloween Donuts...
I ate half of the dozen...
The Mister ate the rest...
No. I am not sorry...
Do you have yours yet?
My Mother turns 78 in a week.
This is what my Daddy got her.
Daddy got something right. Finally.
Yeah. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.
How are you spending your October?
Warm and snuggly?
Wet and cool?
Inside or out?


  1. How am I spending my October?? All of the above!! Lol about the donuts! Awesome for your mom! love it!

  2. It's very pretty here right now but storms are expected over the weekend. I'm not looking forward to that (or my eye surgery on Friday!).

    Our Krispy Kreme store went out of business, it was one of the stores closed when they started having financial problems a couple years ago. I loved going through their drive thru for one warm doughnut (yum...)... and yes, hubby and I have been known to eat half a dozen and yes I know they aren't good for me!

  3. Hi Matty! In Savannah there is a bakery called "Baker's Pride" that has the best donuts I have ever tasted. I don't get into the city very often, sometimes I dream about their jelly filled, powdered sugar donuts that are as big as a dessert plate! Sigh...I am so enjoying this October. I love autumn, it is my most favorite time of the year. Today I made a big pot of 15 Bean Soup and some cornbread. It was so nice to come in from a brisk and breezy afternoon, and have a bowl of hot homemade soup. Have a lovely evening ahead! With Love, Delisa :)

  4. Dear Matty,

    What cute donuts! My teeth don't let me eat donuts, but I still like the smell. :)

    What a great gift for your mom! I could use one of those . . .

    We're spending October savoring every nice day, and sewing when it's not nice. We had two pumpkins that we were going to carve, but we ended up eating them, instead!



    p.s. I seem to have lost your address, yet again. Would you mind emailing it to me again, pretty please?


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