Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why I Love October

Of course, the first reason is the Airman was born in this month.... and the Ms. Airman... and Mr. LZB.... and my Mother .. and my BIL... Yeah. Almost as busy as June with special days in our household!

The second reason is that the Mister and I watch a scary movie a night for the whole month. It is wonderful! We love the campy ones, such as this one from last night "The Mummy's Hand." Can't get much worse than these, but they are sooooo much fun! It was rainy and cold last night, so it was the perfect night for a scary movie with popcorn and hot tea!

I have lots of decorating to do. What do you do to celebrate the Autumn?


  1. Lots of Zs born in October too. And maybe a couple more this year (at least one, anyhow). We love to watch those old movies also. Where else can you hear harpsichord music? Watched Whatever Happened to Alice the other night. Fun! BTW, I'm knitting infant sized newsboy caps, talk about cute!

  2. I'm doing just a little decorating this year, mostly for the dining table and a few items on the hutch and side table. As it is, I am down to one box of "fall stuff"... compared to "downsizing" to about ten boxes for Christmas, hehehe.

    I remember a really campy movie called something like THEM that hubby and I watched a few years ago (an old black and white). Those are the kind of scary shows I like.

    Although my children think it strange that I enjoy murder mystery shows and CSI type shows (especially CSI New York). Maybe it's my love of British books and the wonderful way they "do" a good murder mystery?

    Who knows... anyway, it is good for a mother to confuse her children once in awhile. ;)

  3. Dear Matty,

    First, let me say thank you for the wonderful surprise I received in the mail the other day! We love both books, and didn't have the chicken one (Tasha wants the LHoP book for her hope chest). I'll be writing you soon!

    Autumn is usually low-key here, with a few pumpkins and maybe some cornstalks outside. I want to use rebar to make some Osage Orange pyramids in the yard this year, too. :)




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