Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Never Know....

Usually I stop at the Mennonite store on Thursdays to pick up a sandwich, milk, and some cheese or chicken salad. Two weeks ago, the Mister and I had lunch together there and found ourselves sitting next to a charming 'plain' couple. The young man was excited because he had seen an Osprey at the local airport taking off and had caught it on his cell phone. He was showing his companion (whom I learned was his sister) and jumped up to show it to the Mister.

He was such a charming young man --- curious, excited, and joyful. We had a delightful conversation and wished each other a wonderful week.

Today I was in that area and decided to stop. There, on the porch, sat the cute young woman, dressed 'plainly', rocking and looking into space. She seemed surrounded by sadness, so I thought perhaps her young man hadn't arrived yet and she was worried. After all, the weather today is dreadful and the traffic even worse.

As I got out of the car, I called up to her, "Hello! How are you today? We met two weeks ago; you and your companion were next to us in the dining room!"

She looked at me and her green eyes filled with tears. "That was my brother. I remember now."

"Are you okay? Is he meeting you here today?"

"No. He was shot. Gunshot."

Immediately my hand went to my mouth and I gasped.

"Is he okay?"

Slowly she shook her head "no." "He died." And she began to sob.

Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her and tried to comfort her. Slowly, the story came out. He was killed when his gun accidently went off in his holster while he was fencing for a friend. He died almost immediately from a massive wound to the abdomen.

"I was just asking God to help me," she confided. "I just don't know how I will get through this."

We chatted for a while, sharing our faith, her grief, and my shock.

Her friends came out and sat to listen. Finally, I took my leave and went on to do my shopping. When I came out, she was brighter even though her eyes were still liquid with tears. She thanked me for stopping and talking.  I told her that I would be remembering her and her family in my prayers and that I knew God would use this tragedy to show His love and faithfulness.

As I drove off, she started rocking again and I could see she was praying. I was grateful that I was able to be there to listen. Here we were, two strangers, but connected through just a few moments of conversation and our mutual sadness over a life ended too soon.

You just never know where God will put you and when. But, when He does, listen.


  1. How tragic! Matty, you were that girl's angel today. Bless you!

  2. How sad and scary. I'm so glad you were able to give her some comfort. I'm adding up a prayer for her as well.

  3. Oh wow how sad.. You never know.. Life changes so quickly sometimes..

  4. Dear Matty,

    What a sad, but blessed experience for you. Life is so fragile! I'm sure you were right that God will use this tragedy for something wonderful; may the boy's family be at peace.



  5. Hi Marty-I had an Internet signal finally...doesn't God move us into ways we never can understand??
    Been crazy me when you can I'm knitting again, watching grandson, awaiting granddaughter and caring for FIL...just diagnosed with lung cancer. Miss you and think of you often...just have had a terrible Internet signal :(

  6. Hi Matty,
    I am so sorry for this nice young man and his family. I hope that they continue to receive such loving support. How shocking that must have been for you too and you handled it with such grace and loving-kindness. I will keep them in my prayers too. I have sure been missing you too and I am sorry I haven't over to visit the last few weeks. I am finally up and about and feeling more like my old self. The pain is back to a tolerable level now and I am able to move around, and get back to my normal routine. I have been knitting away on a new shawl. I am dreaming of autumn and so looking forward to that first clear, crisp fall, pumpkin pie and sweater day! Next month we have some friends who are going to come and visit us from Switzerland. I am really starting to get excited about their visit. We lived there for a year in 1997 and they really took care of us and helped us to get acclimated to the culture. They have come to see us about six times over the years. They are so special to us, it is like having family coming home.

    Have you started the new school year yet? Everyone here in our little part of Georgia started yesterday. Isn't that the oddest thing having the first day of school on a friday? It was nice to see all the kids and the buses out again. Barkley and I like to sit on our porch in the afternoon and wave at the children as the bus clamors down our dirt road. One day I was in town getting some groceries and a little girl came running up excitedly saying "Look Mommy it's our waving lady!" That made me so happy! That is one of the sweet things about living in such a small town, people actually know and remember you. But at the same time, I've learned about the importance of guarding my privacy a bit too, in a way I never had to think about when I lived in Los Angeles. Because people are interested in one another and do talk. Living in a small town teaches you how to find that fine balance.

    Well my friend, it was so nice to visit today! Your post today was so tender and thought-provoking and I will keep them and you in my prayers. I hope you have a great weekend ahead and get to do all the things you enjoy. Until next time... With Love, Delisa :)


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