Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where Scaredy Cats, er, Dogs, Go...

Moose and Anabell are terrified of thunder and lightening. Personally, I think it is just a ploy to get to come in the house, but whatever the truth is, they do end up in the house at the first roll of thunder. We learned to just give in when Anabell took out the front door during a particularly rough storm. So, last night, when the storms started,  we could hear the prancing at the door and knew we had to give in.

You can see who is taking the storm with the best attitude... Moosie is just happy to be inside. Anabell passes out, I think to block the storm. If ever a dog could smile, it is our Moose.

I have promised for quite a while to show the mural over the stove.

An artist in Florida, who once was a neighbor interestingly enough, painted this for us. Don't you love the little chickens?

We also had tiles done with these little guys in various patterns of flight done:

They are randomly around the backsplash long with a variety of fruit sprinkled about. After all, we do have to keep the bees happy.

I am making relish and watching the rain fall. What are you doing today??


  1. Your mural is just too sweet, Matty! And I love all the lazy bees! We call the kind of smile that Moosie has "Lassie smiles". Looks ready for the camera!

  2. I love the mural and those tiles. I used to have farm animals on tiles in my old house. It brings back memories! I have to work today...creating a curriculum scope and sequence to align with the common core standards...yippee!

  3. I have friend with a huge lab who has become a house dog.. but when it storms he wants to be in the bed with her and her husband.. Lol.. She has to keep him on the floor beside the bed and TRY to keep him from getting in the bed..The last storm that came through she posted on Facebook.. 1 FREE lab tonight.. Good with kids not storms...


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