Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a Tea Party! Y'all Come!


You are cordially invited

to a virtual tea party

at the Lazy Bee Farm

on Saturday, November 21, at 10 a.m., EST.

Okay, it is a little strange, I know. We will be celebrating the joy of female friends, blog or near, and the beauty of friends we may never meet in person but are kindred spirits just as surely as if we were neighbors.

The premise is simple. Please make yourself a lovely cup of your favorite tea and a pretty plate with your favorite tea goodies. Then, won't you leave a post here at Lazy Bee Farm sharing your joy of friendship for our many friends?

A little hostess gift (some handmade goat's milk soap in guest soap size) will be sent to the first ten ladies who post during the day on Saturday.


  1. Hi Matty! What a great idea... a virtual tea party. I can't promise that I'll be able to attend (we may be going to visit my dad in SD) but will make every effort! Oh, also wanted to say how I appreciated your article on saying (a blessed) no to things that can over complicate life!
    Hope to be here Saturday!

  2. Sounds like fun! I'll try but can't promise as we have an event in the am and guests in the afternoon.


  3. I am so excited! Won't this be fun, ladies??

  4. I would like to attend, too. But will be bringing coffee - in a very pretty cup - instead of tea, if that's ok. (And would also love to see the goats!)


  5. Now that's a kindred thought.............

  6. Sandy,

    I'll see if the ladies will pose for a candid shot or two! They, of course, will be enjoying a little hay with animal crackers (they like to eat horses, but the cows are their favorites... I think it is a milk parlor rivalry!).


    I hope you'll be there! Can't wait!



  7. "System Failure"

    Hope to still make Tea Time - but I'm having problems with my internet connection this morning. It's on now; hopefully it will remain so! If not, think of me sitting at my "disconnected" computer, moping in my coffee and cookies.


  8. Dear Matty,

    We are having ten o'clock tea with blueberry muffins with little Tasha. We will post a link to our blog very soon with a photograph of little Tasha having tea. It's so nice having tea with a friend like you Matty!

    Your kindred spirits,
    Diane, daughter Sarah, and the dolls at Corgyncombe

  9. Good morning! You folks are ahead of me! I couldn't get blogger to connect this morning! Ack!

  10. So sorry to have missed your lovely tea party. Finding your invitation today left me out of the fun. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. Look forward to the next one. There will be one, right? If not then maybe everyone could come to my house.


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