Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Day Before...

Thanksgiving and I am probably the calmest person you know. Why? I let VISA do the cooking. We are going to my parent's home for Thanksgiving. My Sissie is responsible for the salad. Mother and Daddy are responsible for bread, pies, and the wild turkey shot on their farm by a friend. Me? I am responsible for the wine-glazed Smithfield ham. It was ordered last week, arrived at Mother and Daddy's yesterday, and, if we can keep Daddy out of it, the ham will be the centerpiece of the meal. Yum.

Daddy had many health challenges this year and has decided that he might be having his last holidays. Just so you know, we don't believe it. Twenty-five years ago he was told to go home and make his arrangements. He outlived that doctor and two since. So, when he says, "Well, for this last ..." We all roll our eyes and fix his favorite foods.

Mother, on the other hand, is doing her "momma sigh" (you have to have heard it to know it) and fussing, "Why do you all pamper your Daddy? He is so spoiled. I just don't understand it." At which point one of us usually puts our arms around her and whispers, "You're spoiled, too, by the way. You aren't cooking!" And everyone laughs at the joke because she does cook even if we are all bringing 39 dishes of food. That's just Mother.

So, today, I am playing house. I am NOT rushing around cooking; I am NOT rushing to the grocery store: I am NOT washing 9000 dirty pots, pans, and bowls. I AM playing with my toys --- weaving and cleaning my loom room.

I have so much to be thankful for; I can't just list one thing. Life is good, ya'll.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Haha...have fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    BigD should be here later today and I will get a pick of his leg...want to see his muscles too?....yeah, they are "tatooed" on his arm...very weird looking, but very real looking! TrapperDude and I figure we are going to be only with a hand full of folks standing at the pearly gates "old skool"...(No Tats!) LOL!
    Have a happy and laid back thanksgiving! Me? Making homemade raviolis today, rotisserie chicken tomorrow! Thank goodness for dishwashers and recliners!!!

  2. Sounds perfectly wonderful! I noticed that you mentioned motorcycles??? We ride; Don has 24 bikes -- but two are wrecks from the past year. A dog hit him on the first bike; a deer got him on the second. I told him that I thought he should reconsider as the mammals are getting larger. I have a Vulcan 500 w/ sidecar. Such fun!

  3. My mother always thought she had some fatal illness. She lived to be 85 (although was bedridden the last few years after a fall) and it was mainly from old age.

    We used to laugh and say on her tombstone, we should have put, "See, I told you I was sick". :)

  4. Matty, that was a great post! You are so very blessed, and I know that the folks at VISA thank you :)Your meal sounds wonderful and so does your Mom and Dad, enjoy your family and have a Blessed day, my friend.

    Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving and hugs

  5. Matty,
    Your so cute -sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless

  6. Thanks! May all of you have a grand holiday! Enjoy your family, friends and food!

    All the best,


  7. We are having a true harvest meal this year. About the only thing that hasn't come from our garden is the turkey. I love to cook for family and friends. Wishing the best Thanksgiving!



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