Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy July Fourth!

Friends came to spend the afternoon. So we set up the canopy, carried down chairs, and planned our menu!

Skewers were filled with a combination of meats, tomatoes, cheeses, and basil.

Caprese' salad (homegrown basil is heaven) on a skewer! Yum!

Leon was tuckered out after a full day of playing in the creek.

We played with bubbles. 
Sat in the creek. 
Floated with the pups. 
Ate some more. 
Enjoyed the singing creek. 
Told stories. 
And laughed. 
A lot! 

Tonight we head to Farmer's Fish Camp Road. 
There is a little spot at the crest of the mountain where we can
watch the fireworks in 
(and Mount Rogers, but theirs have been postponed)
Such fun! 

What a wonderful way to spend the day! 

How was your Fourth? 

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  1. That does sound like a wonderful way to spend the day! Our basil is just itty bitty yet, you'd need to skewer it with a sewing needle.


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