Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rain, rain, go away

It is raining today at Lazy Bee Farm and everyone is drowsy, including me. Wookie has snored out loud as he napped in my chair. (Doncha love how everyone wakes up and looks around as if to say, "What? Me sleep? Nah....")

Moose and Anabel have barely moved on the porch ... even when a car has been past (only twice today have I seen a car). Don't let that innocent look fool you. He let the deer eat all my impatiens this week while he slept soundly Right By The Pots.

And Bunnie has collapsed from side-to-side waiting for his playtime to come. He sat up when I came into the kitchen. Seems I have been eating too many cookies. I know because I share them with him every time I go into the kitchen (bunny hutch for right now). And, he sits up Every Single Time I come in. Yeah. Nothing like a fuzzy eating buddy/ bunnie....

The Mister has gone to his parent's house and I am trying to get school work caught up, but you see how that is working. We were gone most of the week --- visiting the Airman and Ms. Airman in Norfolk. He has been stateside for two months for training and she came in to visit as he will be gone from home for Six Long Months. It Will Drag. Seriously.

Anyhow, I lived in Norfolk in the 1970s; my husband and I lived on the flight path to Oceania Air Base. There was an arrow painted on the top of our townhouse that said "Air Field This Way". I know it was there because it was impossible to keep anything on the walls when carriers came into port. After putting pictures back on the wall 32 times in one day, I took everything down and just leaned them against the walls.

They say you can't go home again and, well, there may be some truth to that. However, I did find my little townhouse (yes, it looked little!) and it looked better than when we lived there and it was new! Some things do improve with age. However, I don't miss the gated community or the pool. Too many people! The yard was truly no larger than my foyer! And to think I used to think that was a chore to keep!

On the way down US58 yesterday, we stopped at the charming "Country Store Antiques" in Edgartown, VA. Two wonderful buildings well filled with a nice selection of glass, furniture, postcards, books, and stuff. Three post cards and a little Beswick sheep came home with us.

The card on the left is Bok Tower in Lake Wales, FL, --- one of my (and the Mister's) favorite places in the world. The center one is for Lakeland, FL (where I lived once long ago). And the third one is a charming Christmas post card that I will display during the holidays. Doesn't the little sheep look adorable between me and the Mister?

I do want to say thanks to those who have emailed me; I know I have dropped off the earth a little bit, but it has been a challenging year and I am just a bum for not replying sooner. Forgive me, please. Let's hope it isn't so long before we visit again!

Have a marvelous week!


  1. I love the bunny knitting...LOL! How you been!

    1. Isn't she drool?? LOL I was thinking of you just this week! Are things going well for you? Back to homeschooling? So much to catch up on!

      I am fine; working far too much, but that is a blessing! Making lots of soap! Have you tried yet?? I am dying to hear about it!

      Missed you much!

  2. Funny how visiting certain places after you have been gone a while can look so different..
    Kyle was born in Lakeland!... He is from Inglis/Homasassa(?)/Crystal River area his Bio dad still lives there as well as some older half brothers..
    It has been raining here pretty much since Thursday and its a
    beautiful thing.. Not a whole lot of motivation though..

    1. My SIL is from Crystal River! LOL Her Dad was Jim Self; he was a barber... and hunted everything! We even ate rattlesnake one time at their house! I attended Lakeland Sr. High School, but that was probably long before Kyle's time. I graduate in '74! Tell him, "Go Dreadnaughts!" LOL

  3. Hey... great to hear from you and to find you back in 'our' space. So glad you had such a good time with family.

    Had a good chuckle about your fuzzy eating buddy-bunny. And Moose's ferocious non-attempt at saving your flowers. LOL

    We're working on two writing assigments due on the editor's desk Oct 1.... and I've been putting nuggets away for my 'Sleepness Nights' book.

    Best be off.... enjoy the rest of your day. We look forward to chatting soon.


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