Friday, May 25, 2012

How's it going??

Which is the Gargoyle??

Well, the downstairs is cleaned, even to handwashing the floors, and all the cabinets are cleared. Started the upstairs this week and I am ashamed of all the books I have that haven't been read. Glory! What is that about anyhow??

Been watching one "Hoarders" episode every morning to get myself motivated. I now understand many things about my MIL that I didn't before.... and about myself.

Took a gal pal trip to Florida last week where we toured the EPCOT flower show! I left knowing three things: Cheese (I had the cheese trio at the UK Pub) is the world's most perfect food; if I had 500 men and an unlimited budget I could have remarkable gardens; and, England is going to see me this summer, if I can find a way. I really want to see the Lake District.

The Fairy Garden at EPCOT. Do you see all the little fairies??

The Airman was born in Florida on the day EPCOT opened. I like to think the two were birthed at the same time! However, I had never been there before. Disney, yes, about 30 times in one summer, such is the curse of living 30 minutes away and having a large extended family. Never Care To Go Again. But, the EPCOT Flower Show was worth the trip. It was lovely. This year's theme was "Butterflies" and there were butterfly gardens, hatching, butterflies, and butterfly shows. So fun! We had a blast for two old biddies and enjoyed every minute. The best part (besides the cheese) was watching the little folks when they saw their favorite Disney character. There is such joy in childhood's innocence!

Wookie just drank my tea, so I think it is time to get up, find another glass and then head out to work my work for the day!

What are you up to?


  1. Dear Matty,

    Hmmm, I'm pretty sure that the gargoyle is the one on the right! :) The butterfly/flower show sounds like my kind of fun, as well as visiting the Lake District. I was just reading a quote from Beatrix Potter: "Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest." Good advice, isn't it?



  2. Ooooooooo... you wanna go to the Lake District? Me too!!

    A friend and I went there years ago... and we always wanted to go back, but never did. Being there, you just know why so many poets, artists and writers gave us such wonderful works when you see the beauty of that place.

    Which makes me ponder (it's something I ponder on often) why we aren't as creative in little ugly corners..... I believe we need Beauty around us as much as we need anything else like food or shelter. It's the beauty of a place... whether the corner of the home we've prepared where we can dream in or the place that we see out beyond our windows.

    So... I wish you your dream come true, Miss Matty!

  3. I need to start this clearing out stuff! I have made a trade that will get the huge meat slicer out of my bedroom floor! The meat slicer that we were so sure we would use often.. and we have used maybe 3 times in 2 years! I only see One gargoyle He looks very stony faced!....
    I have absolutely NO desire to go to Disney... My MIL thinks the girls need to go since their dad got to go when he was little. But when I was about 18 I read a Readers digest article about the crime there and I decided I was not going..Ever.. Not saying there is not crime everywhere.. But I don't like crowded crazy places anyway.. The one place I would like to see is the Grand Canyon.. Even though I am afraid of heights... I really have no desire to travel other than that and I am fine if it never happens...LOL


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