Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Day Musings --- I Quit

Picture the most lovely beach you have ever seen. That is what I wanted to be right here, but my camera and computer won't talk this morning, so you are on your own to create your own perfect world today. Instead, they are behaving link Maggie Simpson and Gerald, the One-Eyebrowed-Baby...

And this leads me to what is on my mind today.

I quit.

I quit worrying about "being" a certain way.
I quit comparing myself to others.
I quit thinking I am the only person who hasn't achieved the Nirvana of whatever it is I am supposed to achieve.
I quit enabling bad choices.
I quit listening to that stupid voice in my head that says, "Well, you know.." and then proceeds to tell me what a failure I am.
I quit rushing and missing the beauty around me.
I quit worrying about how to get someone else to agree with me about how to do, feel, or think about...
I quit engaging in conversations that always begin with "I think", "I want", "I need."
I quit believing that it is unkind to stand up for myself.
I quit delaying my dreams to support others who can't even get out of the chair to start working on theirs.
In short, I quit.

You know, spending more than 60 hours alone traveling really gives one time to think. I needed that.

What are you thinking about this most marvelous day??


  1. You know what Matty? If you quit all those things you probably will find the Nirvana or whatever it's called.

  2. I've been thinking a lot lately about how the choices we make give us the life we are living.

    This post describes that perfectly.

  3. Well, this post was meant for me today. I quit worrying about whether I'll have this current job next year. I'm just going to go on believing that a wonderful path has been laid out for me and all will be well!
    Great post!

  4. Good thoughts!... I had to take a little time yesterday.. I was busy but had time to think in between jobs.. Needed to clear my head.. Driving down the highway with all the windows down is a good way to do this.. Next best to driving down the gravel road which I also got to do..

  5. Dear Matty,

    Way to be a quitter! :) It takes a load off, doesn't it?

    I hope you're having a not-so-busy week.



  6. Matty... it' been a bee's age since I've been here to see you! Been missing you bunches!!! Was in the middle of a deadline project that would give me problems to the last day... hence the reason for the lack of blogging visits.

    How was your trip? I was tickled to think you were flying overhead when I read your note as you were heading your way to Japan!

    Love this quitting list! As you say alone time gives us time to think about such things.

    Brenda L.


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