Monday, August 29, 2016

Fox Grape Goodness

Fox Grapes washed and ready to can  
My nose told me it was time. I could smell the grapes from the front porch and knew we had to get the tractor, head to creek, and pick all that deliciousness before the birds beat us to them. Mister's tractor has the longest reach, so we took it to the creek's edge and started checking out the vines. I stepped into the front loader and UP he took me so I could peek under grape leaves and tree branches for these amazing grapes.

Grapes ready for sugar and boiling water
Within 20 minutes I had a bucketful and we were headed to the house for phase two -- washing, sorting out the bad ones, and filling jars for the canner.

Ready for the canner
I learned to make grape juice from an older woman here in the mountains. Nannie VanHoy took me under her wing and taught me so many wonderful things about local wildcrafted foods and this is certainly one of the best! The recipe is simple:

1 c. grapes, washed and stemmed
1 c. sugar (I use only 1/2 c.)
Boiling water

Put in canner and process for 10 minutes.


Now the hard part. This juice improves with age, so we usually open the first jar at Thanksgiving and mix it with club soda. Soooo good!

And, if a seal should not set... well... a little mountain wine is good for the stomach. Trust me.


  1. Oh very wonderful and blessed you are.

  2. I use 1/2 C. sugar too. Still waiting for the grapes to ripen around here. Sure could use a front loader to reach them.



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