Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Little Magic...

Recently, I was favored with a surprise visit to Philadelphia to see family I haven't seen in 15 months and, while I was there, imagine this... a guy from Rome showed up!

Papa Fransisco! Papa Fransisco! 

What an amazing event! All things magically fell into place for me to see my loved one and to win a ticket to see "Papa Fransisco!" when he spoke at Independence Hall. The love, peace, and joy were overwhelming!  I loved hearing the crowd chant for "Papa Fransisco!" as he rode past in the Pope Mobile, waving, smiling, and blessing them as he passed. I was close enough to the podium that I could see His Holiness AND read the translation on the 40-foot screen as he spoke. Fortunately, I speak enough Spanish that I could follow most of his speech, but it was nice to have the translation at times! 

Philadelphia is such a lovely city. The people were generous, kind, and helpful.... and the city, gulp, the city took my breath away! Here's a few of the sights that took my breath! 

A Circular Rainbow appeared as I was going through the third security check point.

Cakes! The one on the right has a fondant icing for the miter and the painting is icing.

The Holy Mother at the Shrine of Mary's Miraculous Medal. I love the Holy Mother and wept.

Another grotto at the Shrine of Mary's Miraculous Medal. I counted around 16 grottoes in the cathedral.

On the left background is the Cathedral where the Pope held mass; the back right is the City Hall.

Quilt, handpieced, at the Arch Street Friend's Meeting. It was stunning!

I would have liked to have known this guy! Safecracker? Awesome!

Ben and I were sharing a moment.. He wouldn't let me sit in his lap -- gout...

Preparations for the Independence Hall event... I was standing under the tree on the far right...

And.... the one photo that sums up the "Phillie Woodstock" for me... 

Yup. He was going "nature boy" and waiting on "the man"!


  1. I am so glad you posted about this. A day I am sure you will always remember xox Clarice
    PS you look fab

  2. Wonderful! Bet that was exciting. And it's nice to see you, too!


    1. Thanks, Jane! How do you like the "no hair" look? Quite a change for me, but I am loving it!

  3. That was being in the right place at the right time!

    1. Brenda! Good to "see" you! It was all serendipitous!


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