Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Being home creates a sort of rhythm for me; and, it is never tiring or boring. I cannot imagine ever feeling as if there were nothing to do. Days are simple and each has its unique flavor.


 my flour container is an old coffee jar

Is bread day... Since I have broken two joints on my right hand (yes, I am right-handed!), I am using my bread machine. The Mister loves plain bread, so that is what will be waiting when he gets in tonight. 

 Cooky, please?
Babies everywhere! We have 16 right now of which 11 are bucks. I go out and sit on the rocks in the pasture with the girls in the afternoon. They sun and search my apron pockets for animal cookies. They are such pigs! 

Working on the garden. the white posts mark the berries; the yellow mark the end of the asparagus rows; and, the rest is tilled and ready for planting. We are going to build a pallet fence around the garden this year to keep the deer out. I have  found a neat product called "PlotSaver" that we will use, too. My friend Arwen and I have been stalking the pallet fences on Pinterest. Her's is up and can be seen here. While you are there, check out her aprons and repurposed items! She is so talented! 

And, in the afternoons, while having tea, I watch this: 

 hello, Ms. Phoebe

oh, waitress!! more, please!

I can't keep this filled! We have hummers from April 17 - ?? every year. This year I have four feeders up and they are not enough! 

 aren't you done, yet??

And that's my cue. Miss Annie-Bananie has something of great urgency --- she hasn't been kissed or petted in five whole minutes.... So I am off to get some stellar kitty love and see what the day brings! 

Have a marvelous week!


  1. I came inside the house after working in the garden for about ninety minutes. I had noticed a kitty face up against the window but when I went to go inside, she got on her back with her belly up for a rub!

    This one also does not like more than a very short period of time to go by without attention!

  2. Dear Matty,

    I love seeing your homestead, especially the goats! The rhythm of home can't be beaten.



  3. Gosh it is just beautiful where you live. I love being home and would really love it, if I lived where you did. So peaceful xox Clarice

  4. HI Matty! Haven't visited in a bit, so sorry to hear about your hand. I do hope it heals quickly:-) All those bucks-oh boy the testosterone there will be a trip...LOL! I agree home is the place to be. Take care!


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