Monday, August 17, 2009

Money saving Monday!

I decided this past week that I wanted to learn more about couponing. You know, those little things we save and never use... So, I spent a few nights looking at Moneysaving Mom's web site (when I learn how to put in links) and and clipping what I could see there that would be useful to us. Then, I went to my two local grocery chains' websites and reviewed their tips, coupons, and ads.

After printing a bundle of coupons, learning about how to 'clip' virtual coupons attached to my rewards card, and checking ads, I headed to the grocery story today. I carefully took my list, coupons, and settled down to the seek and find that the successful couponer would use.

I collected my groceries, only things we use and would use, compared them to the ad and coupons, and marched to the checkout counter of store number one. I spent $52 and some change, but after coupons and specials, I spent only $21. At store number two, I spent $43, but only ended up spending $18. I figure I saved about 40% and this was my first week!

I am so excited that I am plotting my next attack! Everything I save will go toward the house. Even a little bit such as this week will add up over time.

One more simpification! Hooray!

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