Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cleaning, organizing and getting space

Nothing will inspire one to clean more than having an adult child return home after living away for nearly eight years.

My son will leave for the Air Force this fall and has come home to visit for a while until then. Thus, we have moved all his things back here for storage until he is properly settled elsewhere. In getting him space, I have learned to get rid of things and free space.

Have you ever thought about how much we have that we don't use or won't use? Yeppers; I know, we all think that, don't we? However, this morning while cleaning out a storage building, I discovered that I have really hit the all time high of too much stuff.

So, here is my challenge.

How much of this stuff can I clear out or use in the next year? Let's face it. The building is only the beginning of what all I have stashed around, including the, gulp, 150 skeins of yarn and the 75 wafers of weaving cotton. So, my goal is to use all I have stashed up before starting again. I will post weekly how I have done and use this as a measure of my successes.

Here's to less stuff in one year.

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