Sunday, May 31, 2009

One things leads to another...

Have you ever started out working on one project and then it grew to another and to another and so on? Well, that is the kitchen for me today. I started out working on the countertop, just trying to find it! I had made strawberry jam and bread yesterday and the kitchen was still little out of control. Add to that the fact that we have had ants this week and you can see how it was due a good cleaning.

So, I started with the counter and got everything washed, dried, and was putting the last bit up when the cabinet door fell off. I opened the tool drawer and discovered it was cluttered and I couldn't find my screwdriver. I finally found it, but only after cleaning the drawer.

While I am on the floor watching Don repair the cabinet (there is one good thing that came from this!), I decided to clean it out and restore some semblance of order in it. However, in order to find places for some of the things in there, I had to clean the next cabinet. But, wait! It needed cleaning, too. So, I did.

As I opened the silverware drawer to put up an item I found in the cabinet (how did a spoon get there?), I realized I needed to wash all the trays and sort through all the junque that had been added there. Who needs two year old taco sauce?? And when in the world did we eat at KFC last and end up with hand wipes?? Hmmm...

Three hours later, I had clean cabinets, three full trash bags, one box of random items for donation, and very clean cabinets and drawers. The bread and jam? Well, we ate it because we didn't have any place to store it.

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